Sunday Snapshots

The first cone flower bloom on my patio.

The solar light is so pretty at night. A reader sent it to me years ago.


A perky purple petunia. 

 A Shasta daisy.

And Abi is feeling better, she wanted me to tell you. Mom is giving her pain pills.

They cleaned her teeth, and extracted three. The vet also took a little spot off her head, which meant a few stitches.

Happy Sunday!



  1. oh poor abi! my pups probably need a good teeth cleaning. i just planted a boat load of shasta daisies around the pool. The perfect spring and summer flower. have a great weekend!

  2. So glad Abbi is feeling better...lovely garden...lovely photos...

  3. So glad Abi is feeling better. My car Dexter had his teeth cleaned a few weeks ago but no teeth removed (he is about 14 yrs old) and I worry all the time until he is back home with me.
    Love the plants you have on your patio, this is such an inspiration for me Brenda. Thank you. I absolutely adore lavender. The townhouse we will be going to has a few trees at the back, nothing like yours so I hope we will attract some wildlife. It is such a joy to watch them. Give Abi (and Charlie) a hug from me please.

  4. Poor Abi, your patio looks lovely. It is still tulip time here with frost warnings until June4-11.I enjoy seeing your flowers.

  5. Hi Brenda, your flowers and containers are always so pretty, it's like a little slice of Paradise on your patio. I love Shasta Daisies and Coneflowers, but just haven't gotten the chance to plant any here yet. Did you have crazy storms last night? we just about got blown away! Glad Abi is feeling better, I kinda feel like her picture, haha. have a great weekend!

  6. Everything is looking so good on the patio! Hugs to little Abi!

  7. Your patio looks like a plant nursery. So beautiful. Abi looks like she's tired. That was a rough day yesterday. How often do you get their teehth cleaned? I haven't done it in my Ziggy but I think it's time. Happy Sundayđź’•

  8. I like thinking about you enjoying your new patio arrangement and especially the bird bath. I'm thinking of getting one myself.

  9. I love the Shasta daisies. Poor baby. I think I mentioned before that we found a groomer that cleans teeth. It's not like they do at the vets but it is doing the job. I know Yorkies have dental issues amount lots of other things. But they are so worth it.

  10. All of your plants and flowers look great Brenda!
    Love your Lavender, my very favorite.

  11. Lovely flower images, Brenda. Little Abi looks like she's been through a harrowing experience, poor baby. She'll take a little while to be her old self again--You know, Queen of the Hill! Give her a little peck on the head from me!

  12. Poor little Abi, I'm glad she's feeling better. I'm curious, does your lavender come back every year in the containers?


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