Bringing In The Blues

When it gets really hot outside, I start yearning for shades of blue in my home.

Birds That Visit & Ebooks I'm Reading

I don't know what kind of bird this is. It recently started coming around to the bird bath.

Acrobatic Squirrels, Blue Jays & Broken Bottles

I am very happy to say that I'm just about feeling like my old self. My energy is coming back. I even cleaned this place yesterday, and it really needed a good mopping!

Bringing Cut Herbs Inside To Enjoy

Yesterday I went out to the patio and clipped some chocolate mint to bring indoors. I put the cut stems into bottles filled with water. The scent is incredible!

If Angels Fall By Rick Mofina (E-Book Now Free)

I finished an ebook on my Kindle last night by an author that I've recently discovered, Rick Mofina.

If you like to read psychological suspense novels, you will love this book. It is very fast-paced. You can find a link to the currently free ebook below.

Stylish Apartment Home/Office

This apartment resident both lives and works from home. The living room shares space with the home office.  

A Day In The Life Of A Little Boy

Saturday means going to the park.

The Warped World Of Serial Killers

Ted Bundy

Very recently I wrote a narrative of a fictional book I'd read about a serial killer.

So I thought I'd do a bit of research on the current data and statistics.

A Good Night's Sleep & Bewick Wrens

I went outside to water the containers this morning around 9:30 and the thermometer I have hanging on the fence said it was already near 100 degrees.


Decorating With Leather Furniture

Leather furniture can look cold and uninviting. But there are lots of ways to warm it up. 

When It Rains It Pours

Calendar wise, we are truly in the midst of summer. And boy is it hot. Humid hot. The kind that makes you wilt.

Not that I'm going much of anywhere. 

A Young Man Named Otto Warmbier

 Otto with a group before he was detained

I feel I would be remiss if I did not mention the tragic death of Otto Frederick Warmbier. 

A Nail In My Tire & Pepto Bismol

I decided around 3:30 yesterday to break down and go out in the heat. I rarely go out on hot summer afternoons if I can help it.

Blooms & Nature & Pupsters

That rascal of a squirrel drives Charlie nuts. I think the squirrels are aware of Charlie staring from the patio door and they love to taunt him. 

A Narrative Of Stillhouse Lake

Over the weekend I read a suspenseful book that I downloaded free to my Kindle.

Let's just play pretend...

Studio Apartment In NYC

Angie has lived in this 350 square foot apartment in NYC 8 years.  

If you read Apartment Therapy, you might have seen this tour. But as soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to show it to you right away.

The Faceless Anonymity Of The Online World

It is quiet. Strange, living in the middle of the city, and having it be so quiet. The birds outside are chirping at one another, so there is that. 

A Garden Apartment In Brooklyn

Sofia lives in this 480 square foot + garden in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York.

Thunder, Rain & Photography

I woke up this morning to the sound of pounding rain and crackling thunder. Don't you just love to sleep when it's raining? It's so lulling.

Sunday Snap Shots 6/18/17

A Cloudy Saturday & Free Ebooks

It is cloudy on this Saturday. I'm hoping for rain. 

There is a stillness in the air. Even the birds are hardly chirping.

Questions Answered 6/17/17

I'm answering questions I've gotten lately...

Nature In Motion: A Cardinal Takes A Bath

"Sure is hot." 

Old Fashioned Phrases From My Youth

I find that at my age, and especially when I'm not feeling up to snuff, I resort more and more to the vernacular of my youth.

Colorful Condo Tour

I would not be have thought that bright paint colors in a very small space would work. But surprisingly it does!

Memories Of A Slow & Simple Life

At 60, I find myself turning away from decorating with trends or trying to "keep up with the Jones." 

And going back to my roots.

A Saga Of Ordering A Laptop

Buying a new laptop is, for me, right up there with going to the dentist. (And as you know, I tend to get shingles when I have dental work.)

Light-filled Small Home In Santa Barbara

This is Laurel's Santa Barbara home. It is 500 square feet, and perched up in the hills above Santa Barbara.

How I'm Doing Today

I have had a lot of inquiries into how I'm doing, so I thought I'd give a little update. I do thank you kindly for your concern!

Sunday Snap Shots

Clever Ideas For Small Homes: Part I

Today instead of a home tour, I'm going to give you ideas for small space living.

Tiny Home Living: 1955 Spartan

This tiny home happens to be on wheels. It is a vintage 1955 Spartan Royal Mansion trailer.

Long Hot Days

It is a typical summer in Oklahoma. Once it heats up, it usually stays steadily hot and humid for months to come.

I get weak, then I feel better. Until I get weak again. 

Taking It Easy

Around noon yesterday, I broke down and took a pain pill. I felt worse than I did the day before or the day before that. 

Dentists & Shingles

You know, it's funny how the mind forgets about things that aren't pleasant. 

Over the weekend, I felt sluggish. Nauseated. And that is very rare for me. My gums were very sore. And getting worse instead of better.

An Outing With Andrew

Saturday was a fun outing with Andrew and my daughter. 

Small House Tour: Patina & Neutrals

This homeowner likes neutral spaces. So all of the walls are painted either white or gray.

Sunday Snap Shots

Hyacinth Bean vine crawling up the fence.

Questions Answered

Questions I've Been Asked Recently...

Homemade Burritos & Squirrel TV

I've been eating some tasty homemade burritos lately. Everything from Trader Joe's. 

Flour tortillas, pinto beans, sour cream, guacamole, shredded cheese.

Birds & Silly Squirrels

Boy, it sure got hot fast.

One night I had on the heater and then all of a sudden it's 100 degrees every day. And my plants are wilting in the sun by noon.

The time for planting here is over, I do think. Too hot now.