Birds That Visit & Ebooks I'm Reading

I don't know what kind of bird this is. It recently started coming around to the bird bath.

I've noticed the perky little Bewick wrens hopping around the patio too. 

They are so funny. They hop all over the place. To the chair seats. To the plants. Places the other birds don't tend to go.

The little wrens will cock their heads to the side as if they're wondering about something. It's a quizzical sort of look.

I'm doing a lot of reading. The other day I got a free Kendra Elliott ebook from a free online site I subscribe to. Read it in one day. 

I liked it so much I went to to look for her other books. There are several in the series I'd just read and enjoyed.

But I would have to pay around $4.99 for each of them.

Upon much deliberation, I joined Kindle Unlimited for $9.99 a month. I can read pretty much all her many books with that. And if I want to drop it after I read them, I can. 

You can borrow up to 10 books at one time. I've already got Rick Mofina and Kendra Elliott books waiting for me on my Kindle. 

This is a bird I took a pic of last Saturday at the park with Andrew. 

He was in the midst of his meltdown because his mom said we needed to get going to his swim lesson. 

So I looked about the park for things to photograph while she was calming him down and bringing him to her car.

Charlie, if outdoors, will run at a bird. Simply because they are moving around on the patio. His territory, you know.

Abi simply doesn't care. She will sit in the chair in the sun and watch him. Not much ruffles her feathers outside as long as she has me in her sights.

I'm going to have to stop showing home tours as I've been doing every Monday. 

Bloggers are getting sued over using photos from other sites. 

I can't afford to get embroiled in something like that. I certainly couldn't afford the legal representation it would call for. 

Even if you give the source for the photos, you get sued these days. So I'm calling a halt to home tours to be safe.

Hate to do it, because I so enjoy showing you how other folks decorate their homes. Sorry!

I guess you'll have to make do with my goings-on and nature photos and such. I will sure try to be interesting!



  1. Birds are such wonderful creatures, we have a lot of robins around our house this year that we have never seen before. I'm sad to hear about the bloggers being sued over photographs, we live in a funny world, and it's not funny in a good way. I love seeing the house tours that you have on your blog, always a good read.
    Take care! Cindy

  2. Brenda,
    I enjoy your daily gift to us of your life more than the home tours.

  3. Whatever you do please continue to blog!!! So enjoy your posts.

  4. I would rather see pictures around your apartment and patio than pictures of peoples's homes that we really know nothing about as well. If some days you can't think of anything to tell us or have not pictures to share - feel free to take a break!

    Glad you are feeling better by the way. And I know after cleaning your apartment you do feel better. I think you are a lot like me, if my house even the slightest thing undone it drives me nuts and I feel so much better after I take care of it. Enjoy your reading time!

  5. Hi Brenda, I would say the bird is a Grackle.
    I always like to hear about your goings-ons and see your nature photos!
    Have a good weekend.

  6. I agree about the home tours. I come here for what you write. And I completely understand that creators of original content don't want it to be just picked up. You give credit, but not everybody does.
    As for birds, you take such fantastic photos. We have a blackbird who is nearly a pet. The French name for blackbird is merle, so I call him Merle. He sings opera, not country, though. There also are some little birds, I don't know the name, who hop around, always in pairs. They come quite close to us. They used to nest on our porch until we got mean and enclosed it (not to be mean to the birds but to better insulate the entry). I like to feed them but the neighbor's cats like to feed ON them. The cats are quite well-fed without feasting on my feathered friends.

  7. Brenda, have you checked out Houzz? I, too, am a big Apartment Therapy fan and also enjoy Houzz. You might too!

  8. I love your writing the most. I look forward to reading your blog. Thank you for enriching our lives.I especially like reading about the pupsters!

  9. I've always enjoyed your posts about you and your interests--and the pupsters--more than the other home tours.

  10. I enjoy reading about you and the pupsters and your beautiful patio.

  11. Although I enjoy the small house tours we don't want trouble for you. Your pictures are amazing and so refreshing in this crazy world.

  12. When you wrote you didn't know what kind of bird it was, but it had been coming to your birdbath, I wanted to say it was a 'Dirty Bird'. Haha

    And Brenda, I come here to visit YOU! Though I don't reply often, I love reading what you have to say, especially when you wax philosophical. You have quite a photogenic eye as well.

    We have some wrens who took up residence in our bluebird box. They are busy now, feeding babies and I have a hunch those babies are about to fledge. They are constantly hollering for more food and I wonder if mom and dad ever get a chance to relax? The babies are sticking their little heads out of the box now and I think tomorrow or the next day may be their time to fly and find their own dang food!

    So glad you are feeling better; shingles can be agonizing.

  13. Well that's a scary thought! I had no idea, I thought if you list the source you're fine. How bizarre! What was the Kendra Elliot book you loved so much? I'd like to look it up!

  14. if they are that selfish and self absorbed then why do they blog at all?
    "this is my beautiful home. I DARE YOU to share it or I will SUE YOU."
    I don't understand people like that. I'd think of it more as a compliment if someone shared it with others. must everything be so confrontational and all about money? very sad.
    and I say good riddance to them. i'd rather see a cozy little house run by a very courageous and creative woman who happens to love life and photography and two absolutely adorable furries!
    not necessarily in that order! LOL XO♥

  15. I would much rather read about the lives of Charlie, Abi and you than the apartment tours anyway. Your home is so inviting.

    There are so many birds that visit our front yard daily. My favorite of all are the Carolina chickadees. I love those fat little things.

  16. I actually enjoy your writing more than the home tours.Also enjoy your decorating more than most.Your can-do spirit is inspiring.

  17. The first bird could be an immature grackle. The bird in the park could be a kestrel. Always fun to see different birds.

  18. I enjoy your posts of your daily thoughts and pictures. I would much rather see your own pictures and your cozy little house. Have w wonderful day.

  19. Maybe you could do guest bloggers that show their own homes. Totally understand why you quit though. I love seeing your home and animals. I quit blogging because I had a fear of being hacked and someone putting inappropriate things on my blog.

  20. My husband thinks your brown bird is a meadowlark. Hope this helps. Love, love, love your site and look forward to each new blog.

  21. Our library loans on my kindle. I LOVE not having to go to the library!

  22. My biologist daughter says the unknown bird is a Juvenile Common Grackle. ��

  23. With Pinterest around? Good God....

    I say screw em ;)



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