Light-filled Small Home In Santa Barbara

This is Laurel's Santa Barbara home. It is 500 square feet, and perched up in the hills above Santa Barbara.

Laurel's flower-filled home reminds her of the English country gardens of which she is so fond.

Laurel didn't buy new things when she moved here in 2011. 

Instead, she worked with existing large-scaled pieces of furniture to work in the one-room, multi-functioning space.

By being strategic with her space, she was able to create a private bedroom, living room and dining area. All carved out in one room.

She grew up in a 1930s English Tudor on the East Coast. The detail of her childhood home made a lasting impression on her that still influences her decorating today.

Laurel's mother loved to go antiquing, which influenced Laurel's own style.

“She always had stacks and stacks of decorating magazines around that I loved looking through as a girl, and I have definitely carried on with that tradition today,” says Laurel. 

Laurel considers fresh flowers a must. They brighten the space and bring a bit of the garden inside.

Cherished bits of decor adorn her small studio. From beloved objects and art to scarves and textiles. 

Minimalism is not for her. To Laurel, places that are too sparse lack personality.

She likes to see what people surround themselves with, relishing the story told by what is on display.

The peace of being in the Mission Canyon, with its sweeping view of the neighboring hillsides and the Pacific off in the distance suits her well.

Laurel is grateful for her light-filled studio with a view. Though it's a tight fit, to Laurel it is just right, cozy and personal.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Laurel's small space home in Santa Barbara.



  1. I just returned from England and this cottage would look at home there! Lovely photos, XOXO

  2. I love it for one person. When I was younger, I would have liked all the clutter. As I approach the ripe old age of 76, not so much. LOL I do like what she accomplished with all her stuff. Her outside space seems magical to me and I like what she had done.

  3. I love it, Brenda. She has exquisite taste and I love her choice of textiles. The flowers certainly add to the charm!

  4. I love her space! So vibrant warm and cozy. It's filled with personality. I'll never be a minimalist either. She displays everything beautifully.

  5. I love her space! I am 70 and still like all the extra goodies sitting around. To me it shows your personality and makes your home cozy. Love the English cottage style she has too.

  6. What a beautiful cozy place and in a beautiful area. Laurel truly embraces the idea of surrounding yourself with the things you love. Very pretty.

  7. I love her style, so English in feeling. She has been creative and inventive in how she has filled the space. Great find Brenda!

  8. While I do not care for antiques at all, it is hard not to love this space. It is so feminine and as one commenter said "magical" both inside and out. She has done a beautiful job. I never thought of minimal spaces in the context that they lacked personality, but she is so right, they absolutely do!

  9. What a beautiful home. I love her antiques and that her home tells you about the person who lives there. I've spent some time in Santa Barbara--it's beautiful, but super expensive. I hope your day is going better for you today.

  10. It's very interesting and lovely, Brenda. I didn't see any kitchen, though. Does she eat out all the time?!!

    I like all the colors and objects she incorporates into the decor, but for me, I know it would feel too small and cluttered. Her style and creativity in arranging things is amazing, though.

    Thanks for the peek into another person's abode.

    Hope you are continuing to heal.

  11. I love this. A woman after my own heart. I love the antiques and all of the light. My daughters and grandchildren are leaving tonight to go out west o vacation. They will be spending one night in Santa Barbara as my oldest daughter went to UCSB. I love it there, but it is very expensive. xo Laura

  12. oh! the gorgeous light and the singing color everywhere. it's lovely!

  13. What a great space! I imagine living in an area as lovely as that, she wouldn't spend much time indoors anyway so what more could she possibly need?

  14. I loved this post, it's a very interesting house.


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