Questions Answered

Questions I've Been Asked Recently...

1. Where did I get the big blue rooster on the patio?
    Answer: I found it at my favorite antique mall in Jenks. It was  

2. Why do I have to use a certain cable company for my 
     Answer: The apartment complex has final word on what
     company you use because they don't want hardware outside 
     your apartment. Their turf, their rules.

3. Do I put filler in the bottom of big plant pots?
    Answer: Yes, I do. Otherwise the cost of potting soil would    
    break me! I prefer to use pine cones. But if I don't have any, I   
    will use the small plant pots from the nursery. Or those white
    peanut fillers they pack boxes with. I prefer to use organic 
    fillers like pine cones.

4. Do I plant perennials in containers?
    Answer: Yes, I do. Some come back after winter. Some do not. 
    I have pretty good luck with sedums and succulents. My hostas 
    always come back as well as various other perennials. I don't 
    have much luck with herbs except for lemon balm and mints.

5. What have I decided to do about my dental work?
    Answer: I haven't decided yet. I can't pay the amount they set out
    for me. Even paying it off by the month would be very hard to 

6. Do I still talk to my sister Marietta?
    Answer: Yes, but I haven't talked to her in probably a month. She
    spends a lot of time in her garden, as I do on my patio. I wish I 
    could talk to her more often. And one day meet her.

7. Will I start giving blog tips again?
    Answer: I think I will add a navigation tab at the top or side of 
    the blog and put blogging tips there when I get around to it. 
    Because most of my readers are not bloggers and wouldn't be 

If you have any more questions, leave them in the comment section or email me. If you want an immediate answer, please make sure I have your email address.



  1. I enjoy the question and answer segment. I think most of the questins are ones that many of us would ask!

  2. Good morning! Happy June
    Does it bother you when people ask personal questions, like about your dental work,I think I would be a little put off, boundaries, ya know?Have a great weekend :)
    It's actually not raining in New York at the moment

  3. Hope you are able to find a way to get your dental work done. It is important for your overall health. Maybe you could have a bit done at a time. Are you anywhere near the University of Oklahoma. They have a Doctoral dental program there and take patients in their clinic. Also, here is a resource you might check into. I think you are in Tulsa, but not sure.

    1. My uncle needed to have a great deal of dental work done. He went to a university that had a dental school and got the work done for a fraction of the price. It was done by the students. They have had had years of training before they get to do it on live patients. He says it's the best dental work he has ever had done.

  4. I am glad you are considering adding some blog tips! I learned a lot from you and I read every post you publish. I recently spent $3000 at the dentist and he made me feel terrible about myself because I couldn't do more. I have always respected you for your honesty on your blog. You are real! Keep posting!

  5. Another recycling/pot filler tip from my daughter that works in a nursery: with the lid off, crush down water or soda bottles then screw the cap back on to keep them compressed. Drop a few in the bottom of a large container to take up space, keep the container from being so heavy and reuses plastic bottles. Pretty clever I thought if you use bottled products.

  6. Brenda,
    It's always nice to get to know you better. Thank you for the tips and the encouragement that your blog provides to all of us.

  7. Fun! Today we bought Kimberly Queen ferns for 1/2 price at Lowe's. They come back here where we live now so we are pretty happy about that. :)

  8. Hi, Brenda.

    I love following your blog and your home. Your photos add the right amount of zip. What camera do you use. (I know, it's the photographer, not the camera), but I'm looking for a new one and would welcome your input.

    1. I use a Canon EOS Digital camera. It is about 8 or so years old. It was the camera I was attempting to save when I fell and broke both sides of my ankle. I fell one way, and instead of stabilizing myself, I grabbed to save the camera and fell the other way. A mistake I will be regretting the rest of my life. As for the camera lens, I use a zoom lens. And I use Picmonkey to edit. I crop a lot. Until I get a very close photo. Then on Picmonkey I can Sharpen that image.

  9. I've also noticed how sharply focused your images are. Would you mind sharing the type of camera you use and your go to lens? Also, what do you use for editing your images? Thx


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