Sunday Snap Shots 6/18/17



  1. That's called "joy in your backyard"!

  2. I have been following you for so long that I feel as if we're the best of friends. Our lives have so many similarities, and I so enjoy reading your post each day. I to am single. I live in a townhome with my two dogs, Sam and Sophie. We have a patio where the squirrels come to terrorize them both. They, like Charlie sit at the sliding glass door and just wait for the next visit. I think you must have passed your gnats on to me. They are all over the kitchen. I used apple cider vinegar on the kitchen window sill and that helped some, but still a few remain. This morning, as I was preparing to take the dogs out for their first walk, I suddenly had an idea. Why not try the "vets best" spray for ticks and fleas on the gnats. Worked like a charm. In the summer months, I spray both dogs down before each trip outside because it also repels mosquitos and I'm paranoid about heartworms. It also has a pleasant smell with the peppermint oil and clove extract. I am so jealous of your garden. It's absolutely beautiful. I can tell you put a lot of time and love into keeping it going. My patio, not so much...I've lost most of my get up and go gumption in the past few years, and it just doesn't seem that important anymore. Keeping sending your wonderful pictures and take good care of those pups. Esther

  3. Okay...I have a bird bath and the birds don't use it. How in the world do you entice them to visit? Need I say again how beautiful your pictures are. Did you take classes or are you a point and shoot kinda gal? Thank you for your blog I so enjoy it...and your gorgeous gardens.

    1. Is it out in the open without any trees around? Because the birds have to be leery of prey like cats. How long have you had it there? Birds take awhile to acclimate to make sure it isn't dangerous. Other than that, I don't know. They flock to my bird bath. But won't go near the three bird houses I have!

  4. I have my bird bath in the garden and we live in the woods with plenty of cover. But I have just put it out with in the last week. I have a bird condo house that no bird even looks at. Have beautiful day.

  5. The picture of the birds at the bird bath is so precious.

  6. That cheeky squirrel! Do you think it is the same one every time you see it?

    Brenda, you have the most beautiful collection of flowers and plants! I love the way you arrange them and how healthy they look! Do you use a particular type of potting soil or a
    fertilizer or anything?

    Well, we've finally had some significant rain here and forecasts are for temps in the 70's for tomorrow which will be a great relief after two weeks of hot, hot weather. Maybe I will actually get something done in the yard if the lower temp holds for a few days.

    I hope you are continuing to heal and are you and Abi managing to get some sleep now?
    Hope so.

  7. I just set up my birdbath on the deck yesterday and can't wait to see the action at it!


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