Almost August

I got an email last night that my post yesterday had gone out via Mad Mimi. I was confused by that. I thought it went out early this morning. Or maybe it did.

I scheduled it to post in the morning like always, but there's always the chance that I clicked p.m. instead of a.m.  

If you subscribe to get emailed posts from me, did you get it in the morning or the evening?

My Magazine Buying Era

I was in the grocery store earlier in the week and paused at the magazines on the way to the check-out. I asked myself how long it had been since I purchased one.

Quite some time. I think it was around my birthday back in the winter. I believe I bought a bouquet for myself at Trader Joe's and a magazine at the store in celebration.

Humidity, Trees & News In The US

It was extremely humid yesterday. It rained a bit off and on and kept the windows fogged up much of the day. The kind of weather that just zaps your energy.

Abi's Crazy Little Habits

Abi has taken up a new daily habit. 

My Crayon-Filled Life

I've always been drawn to color. From the time I first opened a Crayon box, I drew my version of the world around me in primary colors.

Sociopathy Or Psychopathy?

I have now read the first five of the Scott Pratt books in the Joe Dillard series.

Groomed Pupsters & Neighbors

Yesterday I took the dogs to get groomed.

I still take them to the same groomer I took them to when I lived in the little blue house. Which is across the street from the same vet they go to.

The Living Room Painting

The painting arrived, and I simply hung it on the nails that were already there. Which was nice that I didn't have to pound any more nails in the wall.  

Chicken Wire Fence Barriers

It is so hot that even the lantana plants are drooping, despite all my watering. I fear the plants won't make it to August if there isn't a break in this heat.

The cone flower petals are literally burned off. They look pathetic.

Keurig Problems

Yesterday I got up, had my breakfast, and fixed my one cup of coffee I have daily. 

I had cleaned the Keurig the day before. So I was ready for a good cup of coffee.

Scary Flies

The above flowers, I think they are a form of daisy, stopped blooming a month or so ago. But now they're blooming once again. I really love these flowers. 

I know I'm having a senior moment that I can't think of the name of them.

Inauspicious Beginnings


I went to let Charlie out yesterday afternoon and he immediately set up a barking fit. I went out on the patio and saw an arm sticking through the falling fence next to my bedroom. 

You can see the tree beyond the above pots, but it's a bit blurry. It's not only knocking down the fence, but has smashed in my gutter about 2-3 inches.

My New Yellow Rose Painting

My new painting came. I was really on the fence about this one. 

I actually, less than 24 hours after ordering it from Wayfair, called and cancelled it.

My Love For Photography & Simple Respect

I know little things excite me. But humor me and watch the evolution of my Black-Eyed Susans that are now blooming.

My Quilting Journey

In the early 1990's, I very much wanted to own a quilt.

I could not afford such a treasure. So I decided to make my own. 

Rain & Reading

Luckily it rained yesterday. But afterwards when the sun came out, it steamed up the concrete like it was a wet sponge.

Where You Are In Life

It was mostly overcast yesterday, which was nice. I went out early and watered and kept an eye on things on the patio. Cement heats up quickly!

Hot, Hot & Hotter

Yesterday I went outside at well before noon. The thermometer on the fence said 120 degrees. By noon, I'd watered the plants at least twice. By noon, three times.

Solving Problems & Settling Down

Yesterday it was 105 degrees by noon. Which means more watering of the patio plants.

And that also means I have to keep all the blinds drawn or this place heats up inside pretty fast. So Charlie is a little bored not having a window to the squirrels.

But that's temporary. 

On The Patio

Being on the patio is a hot place to be right now. So I'm mostly gazing out the patio door enjoying the sights from indoors while staying cool.

I go out early in the morning and in the evening to do what I need to do. Usually in the middle of the day, if the sun is out, I have to go out and water the plants a bit because they are wilting.

Between The Lines

Yesterday morning I got out early and got groceries. It gets so hot here and I don't think my stamina is quite what it was before the shingles episode. But I've read it takes quite awhile to get there.

I came home and made taco soup in my electric skillet.

Little Changes

I needed to clean the window sill in the kitchen. So while I was at it, I changed up what I had on it. 

Out went the colored bottles and in came the vintage jars.

A Rainy & Peaceful Weekend

Yesterday I woke up to thunderstorms. It was overcast most of the day. The sun finally came out in the late afternoon.

A pleasant day. Quiet and peaceful.

Book Review: A Perfect Grave By Rick Mofina

Crime reporter Jason Wade is pursuing the story of a murdered Seattle nun.

Alfred Hitchcock & The Birds

Every time I open the patio door to let the dogs out, a flock of birds lift up into the air in a wild swoosh that reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds." 

Do you remember that movie from 1963? 

The Days Of Summer

The morning glories are entwined now with the hyacinth bean vine. When the purple bean pods form, they will mix right in.

Decorating Trends That Come & Go

Decorating trends are fashionable. Until they're aren't.

A Book I Won't Forget & Happy 4th

Sunday evening the rain came down in torrents. I stood at the patio door and watched the deluge cascade onto the glass. A few times the electricity flickered on and off. 

The Mystery That Is Abi

I wish I knew what is going on in the mind of this dog. "Abi, get out of my plants!"

Fresh Tomatoes, Ginger Snaps & TV Shows

Yesterday I marathon-watched Law & Order: SVU on TV. I just love all those Law & Order shows. 

Then They Were Lightning Bugs

We called them lightning bugs. Not fireflies.