Chicken Wire Fence Barriers

It is so hot that even the lantana plants are drooping, despite all my watering. I fear the plants won't make it to August if there isn't a break in this heat.

The cone flower petals are literally burned off. They look pathetic.

The black-eye Susans are still hanging in there. I just love the bright gold of their petals. They are so cheerful.

My SIL, daughter and Andrew came over yesterday morning and worked on the fence problem. 

My SIL used chicken wire and secured it at the top and bottom inside where the trees are. So if either of the fences fall down, there is still a barrier.

I kept the dogs in the bedroom, where Abi shrieked the entire time. Andrew is scared of the dogs. Of all dogs.

Andrew has a dog, but it is a quiet and docile Boston Terrier they rescued. The dog has never barked that I know of. 

I don't know what type of conditions this poor dog was in prior to his rescue, but he is terrified of rain and has to be on medication for anxiety.

I tried medication with Abi before I ever left Texas, but it seemed to make her anxiety worse. I do often give her children's cough syrup at night for her cough though and that does help her. 

At any rate, I don't have to worry about the fence anymore.

Andrew brought his tool box and helped his daddy with the chicken wire. He loves to help out. 

My SIL says Andrew is going through a whiny period. I told him in this heat, I'm whiny too.

I did finally receive the painting. But I'm working on various things in the living room. And I'll show it all to you early in the week.

I'm moving even slower in this dreadful heat.



  1. I pulled up all my impatiens, it's been hovering around 100 here for two weeks and they just couldn't survive it, even in shade, even with daiy watering. Very sad.

  2. I'm sure glad you came up with a solution for the fence! By the way your daisy like flower is osteospermum. I thought of it yesterday as I was dead heading mine!

  3. Glad you got your fence fixed. You guys really are getting the heat out there. Hope it will begin to cool down soon for all of you. That would make me whiny too!

  4. So happy they got over there to help with the fence. At least you can let the dogs out without fearing they will get outside the fenced area. This heat has our flowers wilting!

  5. I live in the same area you do.
    this heat is oppressive to all living things. I just have to literally hibernate in it due to a heart problem. and every year the season of heat just gets longer and longer. our non-autumn now comes in December.
    and autumn was always my favorite season. one endless summer now here.
    uh oh! I guess Andrew and I are a pair. it brings out my whine too! :) I'm so glad you got your fence fixed.
    that was such a major stress for you. now your little ones can be safe out there. and also now that grand old tree can still stand. we need all the shade we can get! xo♥

  6. It's so cute that your grandson brought his toolbox to help his Dad. I hope it cools down for you soon.

  7. Whew! one problem fixed. It must be such a relief with your dogs. Go ahead---whining happens.

  8. Glad your fence is fixed and it will keep the pups inside the patio.
    The heat here is almost unbearable. It's still very hot today in spite of the storm that went through around midnight last night. Hubby is still working since 12:30 last night as there were numerous electric outages around the county. We had electric out in town for 6 hours or so but thankfully the house didn't get too hot. At least I won't have to water flowers today after all the rain. The heat is beginning to take a toll on many of them.

  9. Can anyone doubt that the climate is changing with these bizarre seasonal changes and the temperatures so crazy? We've heated up the climate all over the world and now we must live with it. Will more people move north? How long will it be cooler up there? And how far north should we go? Don't know. It makes me whiney!

    Hallelujah! The fence is fixed. And the beautiful, aged tree is still standing. For now. Maybe if you don't need to worry about the pups getting out now it doesn't need to be an issue. Of course, that doesn't address the problem of the tree roots. But, shoot, just enjoy the reprieve for now, right? Now about the heat---maybe you could get a kiddie pool and a sprinkler and just sit in the water in the pool and let the sprinkler douse you with cold water! It doesn't appeal? Sorry, it's just what came to my mind, the best I can do at this moment!

    Well, at least you know that the second painting isn't lost, now that you have it. I'll be interested to see it.

    Take good care of you and the pupsters, Brenda.

  10. So glad your fence is fixed for Abi and Charlie. I know that is a load of trouble off your mind. It has been hot here too. Dang humidity is awful. At least we did get a storm this afternoon.

  11. Today we had a break in the heat and it was glorious. I hope you get a reprieve soon too. Glad your fence dilemna is patched.

  12. Wise words about Andrew. I think most kids are basically good, but they lack vocabulary and self-awareness to explain why they are being difficult. Usually it has to do with being tired, hungry, scared or, as you point out, uncomfortable with the heat.
    Our weather has been amazing. In the mid-to-upper 80s, with cool nights. Which is lucky, because we don't have A/C.


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