Fresh Tomatoes, Ginger Snaps & TV Shows

Yesterday I marathon-watched Law & Order: SVU on TV. I just love all those Law & Order shows. 

I had watched them all. But I don't mind watching them over and over. I think those shows are better than most of the crap they put on TV now. 

However I've seen commercials for a TV show soon debuting on USA that looks pretty promising. 


The executive producers are writer Derek Simonds and Biel herself. It is season one of the anthology drama. 

It follows a young mother (Biel) who commits an act of violence while overcome by an inexplicable fit of rage. And to her horror she doesn't know why she does it. 

The cast also includes Bill Pullman. 

I finished reading the second Kendra Elliott ebook in the Mercy Kilpatrick series. The third one comes out in January. 

Now I'm reading another Rick Mofina ebook.

Next I'll read the other two in the Jason Wade series. 

Jason Wade is an intern at a big Seattle newspaper, vying to win a spot on the paper along with five other interns.

It was raining last night while I laid in bed with the pupsters reading. 

To me that's a pretty perfect evening. Rain and reading.

I ate the first tomato from my tomato plant. I'd forgotten what home grown tomatoes taste like, and there's nothing to compare.

Now I'm waiting on this one to ripen. Won't be long now. A day or so.

They're small tomatoes, but very tasty. 

But then any vegetable or fruit you grow yourself usually tastes better than anything you can buy in a store.

Another thing I find very tasty are Trader Joes' Triple Ginger Snaps. 

They remind me of the ginger snaps I ate as a kid. I can't recall what the brand was back then.

Are you eating veggies from your garden yet? 



  1. I was disappointed with the big tomatoes we had in our garden, so we have gone back to cherry tomatoes. We first planted them years ago near the swing set so that our kid would just snack on them. That worked great, BTW. Now the swing has been replaced by a hammock, but the tomatoes go in every year. Cherry tomatoes, of all shapes and colors, give us tons of fruit and bear all the way until Christmas.
    Luckily, we get plenty of big, ugly heritage varieties at the market. The uglier the better--it means they haven't been bred for transport or color, just taste. The flesh is solid and full of flavor.
    As for Law & Order and such shows, I used to love them. But then I swore off TV in an effort to improve my sleep. Not only did I sleep better, but I dreamt better. Those shows were really having an effect on my psyche, making me fear crimes unnecessarily. Now I stick to happy thoughts before going to bed.

  2. WOW! You have tomatoes already? That's great! Our plants are growing nicely but nowhere near having fruit on them yet. But, you are right about the taste difference between store bought and home grown. My husband can barely stand to eat the store bought ones. Wishing you a great holiday week-end. Too warm and humid here the past couple of days so we may just stay indoors.

  3. Oh I love home grown veggies. That tomato looks fabulous.

  4. I have tomatoes and orange and yellow peppers getting bigger every day! I can't wait!


  5. We have harvested the first of our tomatoes and they are delicious! I'm happy growing just them this year. You are doing lots of reading!

  6. Ginger Snaps are one of my favorites! I like Stauffer's brand, it even lists chili powder in the ingredients. Yummy! Happy 4th of July!

  7. The apartment complex where I live is right next to a freeway and the traffic noise is unbelievable. I would love to lay in bed and listen to the rain and read a good book, but instead I listen to sirens, jake bakes, motorcycles, drag racing etc. LOL I do love to lose myself in a good book though and I also have four tomato plants that are getting plenty of fruit on them. None ripe yet, but something to look forward to. Love your pictures.

  8. My tomatoes are about the same size and they are so good. Best ones that we have harvested in years. I am looking forward to reading some more of Rick Mofina's too. Happy 4th to you and the pups. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  9. I have green tomatoes starting on my tomatoes / been eating leaf lettuce and spinach from the garden for awhile. Around here ( PA ) we await the first Arkansas tomatoes to arrive as our won't be ready for ages yet.

    Brenda I know it's not good for a blogger to mention politics but I got fired up today / no wonder after the last few days of Trump tweets

  10. We just bought our first homegrown tomatoes Friday! And we've been eating toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches since then! lol They're called Russian Princess and they are delicious. So delicious in fact we are shipping some to hubs brother near Dallas TX. :)

  11. Brenda...My daughter gave me a container of those Triple Ginger Snaps, along with some other goodies...for my birthday! They are yummy...Your blog, is one of my favorites!

  12. I've had spinach from my garden and one tiny cherry tomato! My daughter does the planting and harvesting so I don't know what we'll have next! You are right, Brenda, about home grown tomatoes being so much better than those in the store. I never eat them in winter when they come green from the hot house. Waiting 'til summer and eating our own is worth it.

    I don't know about you folks that read those crime novels. I just can't get with those--they scare the daylights out of me! I want an old-fashioned romance!


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