Groomed Pupsters & Neighbors

Yesterday I took the dogs to get groomed.

I still take them to the same groomer I took them to when I lived in the little blue house. Which is across the street from the same vet they go to.

Driving along, I always notice that houses are being torn down so that someone can rebuild on the same lot. Seems like every time I go down Lewis I see another house being torn down.

In Tulsa, there is a section called Mid-town, where many want to live. So it seems rather customary that people go to the expense to tear down houses in order to get that prized lot in Mid-town.

Kind of sad to see these houses, that outwardly look fine to me, getting torn down.
After I dropped the pupsters off, I went to Trader Joe's. Seems like it's too hot to fix food, so I stood in the aisles in my hot boot (been wearing it for a few days) and tried to think of something that sounded good to eat.

I did get watermelon. That was one thing that sounded good. But I forgot potatoes. Can't imagine how I forgot something that I eat so often.

There was a frail woman shopping in there that had a sweater on. Yet I was, as usual, hot even in the air conditioning. Wearing a boot almost to your knee makes you work harder to get around I guess.

Once I got to the check-out, the woman who checked me out asked me if I'd like some water. Guess I looked and sounded a bit winded.

I said: "I sure wouldn't mind." And she quickly trotted off to get me a bottled water. I offered to pay, but she said no.

The employees at Trader Joe's are very nice, I've found.

Here are the pupsters once we got home. 

We also have a newly built World Market in town. My daughter and I will have to go see it one of these weekends.

In other news, my next door neighbors have been trying to get someone to come fix their air conditioning to make it work better off and on for several years. 

He (his name is Charlie) said he's been down to talk to the new manager several times in the past few weeks, but nothing seems to get done.
A maintenance man will come in and do this or that and yet it doesn't ever seem to get to the right temperature. My apartment is slightly cooler, but then I have a couple of trees at one end.
It is sad because his wife is on oxygen. He told me that they have about four fans going to keep her from getting over-heated. I told him I had a table fan if they needed it.

Like me, they keep their apartment dark during the summer to be able to stay cool. Also like me, they have looked around and can't find any place else to move to that suits their needs.

Though their lease is up, he is putting off signing a new one because he wants to see if that fact will prompt them to get their air conditioning fixed. So far no luck with that.

It is really tough for the older lower-income folks like us to find appropriate housing in this town.

I sure wish a builder would take heed of the need for senior housing that isn't in the high-income category. Or even better, renovate old buildings to serve seniors needing housing.

I see they do that around the country. Just hasn't been a push for it here for some reason. 

I find it sad that the owner of this place refuses to take care of these apartments. We kind of just get left to fend for ourselves. We're afraid to complain too much for fear they'll throw us out.

This place is a mostly senior establishment as it is.
 There are people who have lived her twenty or more years and just don't want to move. r are getting in worse health and it would be harder on them to relocate. I know that feeling. 

I just don't know how many more moves I have in me. Neither do the folks next door. It just gets harder to move as you get older.




  1. It certainly is a sad situation for housing & the elderly. After everyone has worked so hard most of their lives to keep this wonderful country going and raise families. Hopefully your landlord will get your neighbors air conditioning fixed soon. If they can afford it, maybe it would be worth their while to call their own repair man to fix it for them. I agree with you, moving gets to be more of a hassle, the older we get. The pupsters look refreshed after their "spa" time!! Take care Brenda... stay cool too!

  2. I dream of moving somewhere with a milder climate. but the money enters into it and I know it's just a dream! I love light and fresh air so much. and like you in the summer I live in the dark for months on end just to keep it cooler in here. yet still this apt needs constant A/C. good thing I don't have the SAD problem. thank heaven for A/C! especially when I think of that poor lady on oxygen. what if he called the health dept?
    surely there is a law about negligent landlords that would apply there? and for her it might even be an issue of life or death. possibly worth checking for all of you. it's obviously not being run properly.
    but then he would no doubt raise your rent!
    that watermelon sounds wonderful. nothing like its icy cold crunchiness.
    and the puppies look beautiful with their new haircuts. :)

  3. Hi Brenda, I can't imagine not having air, especially with needing oxygen. Isn't there a place for seniors to get help with utilities if needed? Any senior centers where you live? Here in MA the electric and gas departments cannot shut off your heat/electric if you are over a certain age even if you are behind on payments. If Charlies wife needs oxygen to survive, I would think her Dr. can help them with their issue and provide proof of her illness. Maybe they aren't aware of or don't know where to get assistance. It is a shame if there is no assistance for seniors. The kids look all fresh and clean.....they are so cute. Hope you can get rid of that boot soon.

  4. It's such a shame that you can't find something suitable that you can settle into for the long haul, Brenda.

  5. I agree Kaylene. Someone should maybe write to the paper or something to make people take more notice for the low income elderly. Attention should be called to it.

  6. Stay has been beastly hot all over...the pups have cute cuts...they certainly look very cool.

  7. Oh Brenda: If you lived in our area, there is a company that builds apartments for low income and they are beautiful. They fill up as fast as he builds them. He started the company based on the needs of his mother. Everything is included electric, heat/air, even cable tv. I wish we could clone him and send him to you!!!

  8. We have several Seniot apt housing areas in Simi. In fact they just built a beautiful one below me. They are small and no patios but I see several of the renters have dogs. Rents are just too outrageous. Is there a TV station someone could call and complain about things not getting fixed? We have those here where things aren't getting done. Your neighbor needing oxygen is horrible and the ac not working. The pupsters look great. My little guy is headed back to his regular groomer next week. The other one I took him to while she was on vacation did a horrible job and it took five hours!!

  9. Charlie should go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a window A/C or one of the portable A/C units. We use a portable A/C in addition to our central air so we don't have to turn the central on a low number. It helps a lot in the summer months.

  10. Isn't there a rental authority that you can report the owners to? sounds a lot like they are trying to get you to move out through neglect so that they can sell the land for a big price.

  11. There are several senior apartments here that are government sponsored. They are based on how much income you get and what bills you have besides housing. I am sure you have already checked in your area to see if that option might be available for you.

    I am so sorry for your neighbors. That is just horrible! It seems like older people are the easiest ones to take advantage of and that is just sad. xo Diana

  12. Ps The pupsters look VERY handsome all trimmed up!!!

  13. The senior apartments and neighborhoods here are so ridiculously priced. It's very disheartening, and I would like for my mother to find an apartment or condo close by but it is too expensive. One can buy the same identical house in a family neighborhood for much less than in the senior neighborhoods. It's price gauging!

  14. Abi and Charlie look so cute, all spiffed up with their new haircuts! I must make an appointment for my raggedy, curly Labradoodle. He looks like a black sheep his hair is so long and I know he's hot in this weather. In fact, sometimes he lays on top of the register in the dining room to feel the cool air from the AC. Makes the DR a bit hot, but I don't move him. I've been putting off having him groomed because the price has gone up to $65. from $50. and I don't know which thing not to pay so I can afford it. Dang! It's always something!

    It is too bad about the lack of decent housing for older low-income folks like us. I think that it's a problem all over the country, actually. It is here in lower Michigan. The places that are available are mostly high-rises which I just refuse to live in. I want my feet to touch the earth when I step out the door. I spent my youth living in upper-story places and I don't want to do it anymore! I'm so sorry your owner and management leave so much to be desired because your place sounds like it has the potential to be one of the better choices in your area. I would love a place like yours--but not all the problems, of course! Too bad it's not being cared for and up-graded properly.

    The heat seems to have abated some here, so I must get outside today and dig around in the dirt some. So thankful for a little breather from that heat we were having.

    Take care, Brenda. Love your posts. You're one of my favorite bloggers.

  15. I wish I had a good answer for your housing dilemna. I can shed some insight as to why builders don't often heed the need for affordable housing (for young people AND seniors). We are the builder here in Connecticut. We would like nothing more than to provide "affordable housing". There are several reasons why we don't. First - there's the -not in my backyard- mentality when it comes to affordable housing developments. Second, Land has become so expensive, that once you purchase it, the only way to make any money at all on what you build on it is to charge what it will take to turn a profit. Builders don't make the profits they used to because of land costs, stricter codes that demand material upgrades that cost the builder, higher permit fees, they seem to increase every few years. All those costs, paid by the builder... are then passed on in the cost of the housing to the consumer. So many builders in this area have dropped out of the trade because they can't make enough profit to stay afloat, let alone make a good living. We don't want to build the big boxes anymore. The McMansions if you will. We believe in providing affordable housing and think there is a big market for it. Certainly there is a need. In our area, it's frowned upon by the powers that be, and just not affordable with land and permit and code costs. We used to build 15 houses a year. Now, we might build one. Our company has turned to apartments mixed with retail and condos and storage because it's still.. .affordable ... to the consumer.

  16. I hope the issues get fixed do these kind of owners sleep at night? It is hard to move an expensive, too..wishing you all good luck..the posters are adorable, by the way!

  17. Your pups look so cute! I could not agree more with you about Trader Joes, I love that place!

    I am sad to hear about your neighbor, I hoe they get some relief. Take care of yourself and stay cool.

  18. Brenda, I didn't know we had a World Market, now! How exciting, though I have never been to one. I can't tell you how mad I get reading about how that apartment complex treats it's tenants. I wonder, though, have you ever considered buying a travel trailer. They have everything one would need and finding a place to park it wouldn't be too hard. We have contemplated selling our place and living in ours, fulltime. Just something to think about.

    Grace & Peace,

  19. I hate when landlords don't take care of the homes for people. We have neighbors who are renting a beach front house for more than $3000 a month yet the landlords are mean and penny pinching regarding repairs - they refuse to make necessary repairs. And now they are raising the rent $500 a month.

  20. I think my dachshunds need a summer hairdo too, Abi and Charlie are adorable in theirs! They look like they feel good too.

    There's a beautiful area in Nashville where I used to love looking at all the old gorgeous houses on huge lots, Woodmont Blvd. Now they too are going, one by one, either torn down for multi houses to be build on one lot or thankfully some places where the beautiful house is being left but many other houses built, crowding up against it. I imagine the tax bills for that street force many owners to do something.

    I hope so much that you and the other tenants will get attention paid to your needs soon. It really is despicable for the owners to ignore needs there.

  21. I hope they fix your neighbors AC soon! There is a whole generation of baby boomers that will need affordable housing!
    The pupsters look cute, all groomed!


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