Humidity, Trees & News In The US

It was extremely humid yesterday. It rained a bit off and on and kept the windows fogged up much of the day. The kind of weather that just zaps your energy.

Some of you had suggestions about Abi. I've tried it all. Shut the door too, which sent her into conniptions.

But guess what, yesterday she stayed in the living room with me and did not resist. You cannot predict anything about this dog.  

I've taken photos of the two trees I've been mentioning. But due to the humidity, they might be a bit blurry.

This is the tree that needs to go, much as I hate the thought of cutting down a tree.

See where the fence juts out? When Israel was still in town, he extended the fence to allow room for the tree. But it grew out of that space within 8 months, as you can see. 

It is this tree that has cracked the concrete and is going underneath my bedroom. As you can see it leans out over toward the guy's patio behind me.

I have to trim those errant shoots every week.

Here is the other tree, that could possibly be saved if they extended my fence out a bit.

This tree has pushed the gutter in about three inches, but I can live with that. Of course it will continue growing into it however. And pushing out the fence unless they do something.

Just to the right is the opening that my son-in-law covered with chicken wire.

At least it is growing straight and has a smaller footprint than the other tree, that has a multitude of trunks. 

I don't yet know what they will do. But I'll keep you updated.

Tomatoes ripening in the window. They are quite tasty, despite their diminutive size.

This is lemon grass. It is huge now. When I bought it it was about a foot tall.

Strange news these days. 

Did you hear about the couple on the Alaskan cruise? The man and woman were arguing. She wouldn't stop laughing at him, so he killed her.

Another man caught him trying to throw her body overboard. 

A 39 year old wife and mother, she and her husband were high school sweethearts and had been married for 20 years. So tragic.

Her husband kept mumbling that his life was over. Well, what about her life? 

And what on earth is going on at the White House these days?

Truth is always stranger than fiction.


  1. We've been really hot and humid here. I agree, I don't know what's happened to society; I blame this administration with it's crude remarks and disrespect for mankind. Love your garden, XOXO

  2. Truth is definitely stranger than fiction! I feel as though I've aged 10 years in these last 6 Trump months....

    We were recently told by meteorologists a cool front was coming through. What they failed to say was the humidity would remain high so pay no attention to the 10 degree drop. Humidity misery remains steady in Oklahoma.

  3. That one tree with multiple trunks should have come down long ago. Both trees fall under the simple idea of property management no matter if you own the property and live there or just renting out the property. The situation is not going to improve itself the longer you wait. I don't understand why people can't see that. I know one thing the all mighty dollar comes into play on this one. It is too bad though that you enjoy your apartment home and something that is almost totally out of your control is making your daily life upsetting. Hopefully the owners will see that the trees must come down and the sooner the better.

    As for Abi, who knows what goes through animals' minds. Maybe she has gotten out of her head whatever was bothering her. And hopefully not unto some other strangeness!!

    We are experiencing the same horrible heat that you are. I go out very early in the morning and do what I have to outside and during the day no more than 10 min. and then limit the activity. Even late in the evening before dark is hot as everything has been heated up throughout the day. On the Christian radio station I listen to everyday they have been giving suggestions of how to keep adults and children busy during this "cabin fever" weather! We have a ways to go before it cools down any and August is not even here yet.

    Try and stay cool. Read those books, I wish you were still able to quilt, that would help pass the time as well. How about jigsaw puzzles - I enjoy those (300-500 pieces)?

  4. With your apartment complex management's continued resistance to addressing the tree issue, I envisioned them to be massive trunked behemoths. My goodness, my hubby isn't a tree trimmer but he could easily remove those. Unfortunately, the tree touching the structure causes a multitude of issues ... moisture, rot, insect and rodent access. Moving the fence seems a quick and easy solution at first glance, but there could be right-of-way utility easements preventing that approach. Will be interesting to see which direction your complex settles on to address it. In the meantime, kuddos to your son-in-law for constructing the temporary wire fencing for the pupsters' safety.

  5. Your patio plantings and decorations are lovely and all appears to be cool and comforting. Wish it were true, huh? Hot and humid here too, yet dry as can be. Strange and uncomfortable weather conditions. Our country since Trump stole entry to the White House has been worse than I imagined it would be. I'm not sure I'll ever recover from his days in office.

  6. I am so hoping that single trunk tree can be saved.
    it is beautiful. and healthy looking. and also a slow grower.
    the multi-trunked tree is the one to go. I hope they will be able to take care of that soon for you.
    here where I am there are no trees nearby and the bedroom with two windows... one south and the other west... never gets cool. never!
    like one of the commenters above who cut down her tree because it was messy... you don't know what you have until it's gone.
    I hope it's not the one causing your structural damage. I can't remember now as I write this!

  7. The only problem with tree removal is it probably provided a lot of shade and cooling effect. Too bad it has caused issues under apartment. Too bad the whole place isn't selling to someone who is a responsible landlord.

  8. We've had a couple of cooler days the end of this week, but who knows how long it will last.

    I'm glad little Abi is maybe giving up her bedroom fixation. I know how frustrating pets can be sometimes with some of their behavior. My Labradoodle, Tavi, has eaten all the cat's food that I keep in my back hall with the door closed, FOUR times in the last two days! And not only does he eat it, he picks up the dishes and scatteres it all over the kitchen, dinning room and living room! Of course it's not HIS fault that sometimes I forget to close the door all the way! It drives me crazy! But I love him, anyway!

    I was thinking, in relation to the tree problem, especially the multi-trunked one, that maybe the fence could be angled to put it outside the patio. You know, just cut the corner off with the fence. You'd still have the problem with the roots, of course. It should probably come out. Maybe you could plant a fast-growing tree in a tub to produce some shade. Maybe a Russian olive tree. They grow fast. So sad when owners don't take care of their properties. Really irresponsible. Wonder if the owner guy's own house looks un-cared for. He clearly doesn't care to invest anything in the apartments he owns. Too bad he doesn't sell them to somebody that does.

    That poor woman on the cruise. Sounds like her husband just went crazy. There must have been some serious issues between them to begin with. Just because they stayed married for 20 years doesn't mean they were compatible or happy. So sad for the children.

    Hope the rest of the weekend is uneventful for you and you take it easy in the heat. By the way, those dark purple petunias and the black ones you posted a couple days ago are just gorgeous! I love petunias. I had black ones last year but didn't get any this year. They are so pretty with the vivid pink ones, I think.

  9. I, too, immagined a very big tree with a large trunk, one that would require a specialized tree service and a crane. Seeing the multi trunk culprit, it seems as if it would be able to be removed ,in sections, by any reasonably skilled handyman.
    Your photos really made me realize just how little money the complex owners are willing to spend to maintain the units. This scares me because they won't even spend a small amount of money to prevent something that will cause costly major structural issues.
    Do any number of your units fall under rent control? Do you know what any of the long term renters pay per month? Is it less than you pay? They may be attempting to force people out to bring in higher paying renters. It's a real mystery.

  10. There must be a rainbow leading to these trees, with pots of gold under their roots. Management doesn't want you to know about these hidden treasures, so they leave the trees in place. That can be the only reason why these not-so-huge but problematic trees have not been taken out! If only you knew of a leprechaun who had chainsaw -- he could get the trees out and you all could split the gold.


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