Keurig Problems

Yesterday I got up, had my breakfast, and fixed my one cup of coffee I have daily. 

I had cleaned the Keurig the day before. So I was ready for a good cup of coffee.
And nothing came out. So I messed with it. Looked up videos on trouble shooting, read what I could find. And finally, somehow, I got it to working. 

Which means I got liquid to come out.

Except the cup of coffee was very watery. Yuck. Poured that one out, messed with the machine some more. Made another cup of coffee.

After three cups of watery coffee, I was not willing to waste any more Keurig cups. So I called the customer service number for Keurig. 

They were very nice. Told me to try a few other options. That didn't work. 

So I called them back in the afternoon. And due to the one year warranty, they're sending me another one. I'm to send back the Keurig cup holder once I receive it. Not the entire machine.

I really should have kept my first Keurig I suppose. I gave it to my daughter years ago, and it still works for her. 

I just don't think they make them like they once did. As seems to be the case with most everything you buy nowadays. 

I had a bright red Mini Keurig when I lived at the little blue house, and it stopped working after about a year. Took me quite awhile to decide to try one again. 

I ordered this one last December as a Christmas present to myself. It stopped working after a month. I didn't even try to use it for months. 

A month ago or so, during the shingles episode when I felt so tired, I tried it again. And I got it to work. For about month. 

Let's hope the third time is the charm.

They told me to use straight white vinegar rather than the half vinegar, half water that I read online and have utilized. Or to order their special cleaner.

I did manage to get this place mopped yesterday. To the chagrin of my ankle. It still isn't up to snuff, so to speak. Got to stay off that step ladder. It's a killer.

Well, my daughter and her husband will be here soon to work on the fence problem. Those two had a wedding anniversary yesterday. Fifteen years they've been married. They seem to be very well matched. 

And of course I got my beloved Andrew three years ago out of that union. And he is most precious to me.

The painting still hasn't arrived. Don't know what the problem is. Hopefully it will arrive today. 

Have a great weekend!



  1. I feel the same way.... a couple years ago during Christmas week our coffee pot broke so I got a Black & Decker... and almost to they day one year later it broke so I got another Black & Decker... and guess what it died again Christmas week... so lasted just a year.. I think now they make them to last one year... if it wasn't Christmas week, I might not have noticed... 2 years in a row... now got a Cuisnart... had for 4 years, no issues.... Have a keurig did the same as yours sounds like... there was actually a coffee ground stuck in a very small point where the water comes out, cleaner it out with a sewing needle, watched a youtube video.... was putsy fix, but it worked... hopefully your new one will work well for years to come!

  2. I bought my keurig 3 years ago after seeing your review shortly after your purchase and you saying how much you loved it. It's still working like brand new and I've only cleaned it twice with the cleaner they sent in my box.
    I hope the new one you receive is as great as the one I got.. good luck~!

  3. Mornin' Miss Brenda,

    I'm not a huge fan of the Keurig, although I certainly respect your choice. We use an old-fashioned silver percolator from the fifties with cloth cord. My husband checked it out on the electrical side and it is perfect.

    I love the sound of the pot percolating the coffee up to the glass bulb. This reminds me of my grandmother Helen's house in the morning. I think it is much cheaper to run, no plastic waste with the little cups, and it is much cheaper to brew a cup of coffee. It is the best coffee I've ever tasted.

    You and the pupsters have a great day and STAY COOL.

  4. How aggravating about the Keurig. I still used an old drip coffeemaker and have had very good luck with it. It's a Bunn and going on 11 or 12 years of use now. It was more expensive than a Mr. Coffee, etc, but has certainly earned its keep over the years.

    Hope your painting gets there today. xo Diana

  5. I'll probably jinx us but we've had two Keurigs over the years and both are still going strong. We'd given our first one to our son when we wanted to upgrade. We attribute their longevity to using only distilled water in them ... we buy the water by the gallon. In fact, we use only distilled water in all small appliances that require water ... steam iron, vaporizer, humidifier, etc.

  6. My first and only Keurig is one I bought after you blogged about yours. It's red also and going strong. I thought once it was broke but my friend Carter took it apart and cleaned it and it works like a charm. I hope the new one works for you. Have you traced the painting?

  7. I don't know anything about Keurigs - don't want one (due to the disposable cups and the cleaning issues). I grind coffee beans fresh every morning and then use a stainless steel french press. I hope your family is able to help with your fence issue!

  8. I've never had a Keurig, but have a Cuisinart that takes up less counter space than previous coffee makers and it's lasted quite a few years. I do run straight vinegar through it once in awhile.
    Hope your painting arrives today and your fence gets fixed.

  9. It's nice to know a company that stands behind its product. I hope your fence problem is fixed (thank goodness for family), and no other problems pop up for you.

  10. Brenda, I'm thinking you said a while back that you sent the online store a cancel order for the yellow roses painting and substituted another painting (the one you are waiting for). If that is the case, you need to let them know that you DO want both paintings and have received the first one and will keep it, right?

  11. I, personally, think that Keurigs are not very environmentally friendly. Mostly because they generate trash with all those little cups. I know a lot of people really like them, though. I don't know if the cups are recyclable or not. If they are that would make them a little less wasteful. I will stick with the drip system.

    How is the "fly situation"? Has Abi calmed down about that? Hope so, for both your sakes.

    By the way, the morning glory photo--above-- is just gorgeous. Love that color.
    You've got a "good eye" , that's for sure.

    Lastly, give that ankle a vacation, propped up on something. A good excuse for sitting and reading!

    1. You can buy the refillable coffee holders & use your own coffee in them, you don't have to use throwaways.

  12. My youngest gifted me with a Keurig a few Christmases ago but I gave it to my DIL not long after...reason is want at least 3 cups of coffee in the morning and was so used to my Mr Coffee.

    It is nice that they have good customer service when you have problems, though! :)

  13. I have a Keurig that I use only to make Toby's coffee, he loves it. I still use my vintage Farberware Percolator, it makes the best coffee hands down and no moving parts to break! I was concerned when you said you were on the step ladder with that ankle, please be careful.These days I have to move very purposefully or I get some kind of injury, scary.


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