Little Changes

I needed to clean the window sill in the kitchen. So while I was at it, I changed up what I had on it. 

Out went the colored bottles and in came the vintage jars.

Speaking of bottles and jars, I always plug the little fairy lights in at night when I'm reading my Kindle. Gives a nice ambiance and just enough light to see the time. 

I keep my sound machine tuned to rain at night. I like to sleep to the sound of rain. Such a soothing sound. Nature's lullaby.

Little changes are good for us, I think. 

It always gives me a slight lift. Just doing a little something can make a big difference in mood.

When it isn't so hot outside, I might be more inclined to do more!

Are you shaking things up at your house mid-summer? Seems like the season is just rushing by.



  1. I have thought about getting a sound machine do you mind sharing what kind you have?

  2. Love the jars. I agree shaking things up is always a good thing. Happy new week 😊

  3. The vintage bottles look great, turquoise is one of my favorite colors, I also love what you have done above the bottles, wow fantastic! I must get some of the fairy lights, I have seen them about but just haven't bought any yet. I too have a bedside clock which also plays sounds, I usually have the ocean sounds playing all night. I long to be in Florida again taking early morning walks on the beach, one morning I was accompanied by a dolphin which was swimming so close to the shore. My husband still tucked up in bed and I was witnessing this wonder, I will never forget that moment. Give Abi and Charlie a hug from me please.

  4. The hot summer has slowed me down in my re-organizing efforts. I've cranked up the a/c and will tackle a little something today. I'll feel better if I get something done for sure. Love the jars on the kitchen window sill.

  5. I love the change of the jars at the kitchen window. I agree - a little change in the house always gives me a lift. I have sold several pieces of furniture I had had forever and it lightened the load in those rooms -- very uplifting in a small space.

    Tomorrow I leave on a vacation to my home in New York State Fingerlakes area where I grew up. I have not been in 3 years and it is also my 45th class reunion so I am excited to go. Seeing cousins, 1 remaining aunt, 2 remaining sister-in-laws, and friends. To top off the excitement when I went to print out my boarding passes I was up for a upgrade to first class for a small amount. As I have always wanted to try first class I jumped at the chance!!!

  6. Nice change for you and easy, peezy! Love pictures of your home...Keep cool and comfortable.

  7. The colour of the jars is so calming and cool looking. I love them. Perfect for hot , humid days. Brights, somehow, just seem to intensify the heat.

  8. little pleasures. the best kind!

  9. Listening to rain is my favorite too---with a little far-off thunder once in a while. I like your suggestion of changing little things; it does make a difference. Hope all is well with you and pupsters.

  10. I like your embroidered table scarves as a valance. That looks so nice with the jars. I've been getting rid of thing I don't truly love for months now. It has been cluttering my life and I feel so much better letting it go.

  11. I love what you have hanging in front of the blinds--doilies? Antimacassars? Their lightness and embroidery, plus the layering of them, is delightful.

  12. Love the jars! Yes, it is always nice to change things around and refresh our surroundings...I do a little of it all the time! Happy week Brenda.
    Helen xox

  13. That's funny, I was actually swapping things out yesterday!! I changed the pillow covers in the living room, and it feels like a whole new space to me now!

  14. I love the idea of the fairy lights inside the jars. I also love the idea of a sound machine playing rain sounds as I live in Phoenix where we are starved for rain. Might have to get one. Hope you have a peaceful week.

  15. I love that glass is beautiful!

  16. Beautiful blue vintage jars, Brenda. I love that shade of blue.

    I'm not shaking things up at my house nearly as much as I'd like to! I am working on small de-cluttering jobs. That sometimes entails making some changes, but not always.

    I've been working outside so much lately that I've kind of let the inside of the house go downhill. And it was kind of heading that way, anyway!

    I tried to place some fairy lights in a jar last Christmas and all they did was just fall to the bottom in a heap. How do you get them to not do that? I was so frustrated that I just gave up on that piece of holiday decor, but I keep wondering when I see some in a jar or cloche on-line how does it work?

  17. One thing I always wished for in my house was wide windowsills, especially in the kitchen. We just got new windows and now they need new trim. I think I'll ask our contractor if he can build me a little shelf/wide windowsill in the kitchen so I can display things, such as your blue Ball jars. The only thing I've changed up here recently is my buffet display. Did that yesterday.


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