My Love For Photography & Simple Respect

I know little things excite me. But humor me and watch the evolution of my Black-Eyed Susans that are now blooming.

Yeah, it doesn't take much to float my boat. I just love watching flowers bloom. From bud to bloom.

I can stand and gaze at a rain droplet on a leaf in complete awe for a good five minutes. 

I became interested in photography about 20 years ago. When I lived in Texas, I would drive the country roads just looking for something to take pictures of.

It might be something as simple as a fence post. Or a cow gazing at me from a field. I so enjoyed heading down winding roads not knowing what I might come across.

I decided to go get groceries yesterday morning. It was around 8:30 a.m. 

I saw there was an SUV parked right behind me.

I manage to find the guy, who was working on the pool that hasn't been open all summer, and he moves his vehicle out of my way. He was very nice about it.

They've had this huge dumpster in the parking lot lately that means there is less room to maneuver. It's parked there while they clean out apartments that have been trashed by people when they move, I was told.

I can't imagine trashing an apartment. But I guess there's all kinds.

My plan was to go to Lowes to get a mop, then head to the grocery store. 

So about an hour later, I'm back. And there's this electrician's truck parked in my parking space. And I had all these groceries to unload. 

The guy was young, probably in his twenties. I got out and asked him if he'd move his truck so I could park in my space.  

The guy looks over at me and says he's got to run electricity for quite awhile and he doesn't want to move. He tells me to park somewhere else.

I watched where he was walking. So I could see he didn't need to be in that space. He could let me in and then park behind me and he'd be even closer to where he needed to go.

So I told him that I really needed for him to move because I had groceries. That he could let me in my space and then park behind me. He refused.

I told him I was telling the manager. He just shrugged. 
So I see a guy that works here walking down a ways, and I call out to him. I asked him if the guy really needed to park in my spot. He said no.

He says something to the guy and he moves his truck.

I probably won't move my SUV again for a week. He could leave his truck parked behind me and there's no problem. 

But the farther I have to walk with heavy groceries, the harder it is on my ankle. 

Once I got my groceries put away, I did indeed call the manager. 
Lordy Pete, I was just not raised to talk like that to someone who was older than me. Or to anyone for that matter.

You were to treat your elders with the utmost respect. That's just the way it was back then.



  1. For crying out loud, it isn't as if he were being banished, or would have to spend a ton of time finding a new spot.
    In my parents' last year, they were both in wheelchairs. My mom could walk with a walker, but not very far, so we'd often put her in a wheelchair. They bought a handicapped van with an electric ramp, because my dad couldn't transfer from the wheelchair to a car seat. You would not believe how hard it was to find a handicapped parking spot, especially one big enough for the ramp. They would be full of cars. Sometimes I'd see somebody getting in or out of the car, who didn't seem handicapped at all, though I know several people with cancer, one with a kidney transplant and others with problems that aren't visible but they can't walk more than short distances. Lots of times, these cars had no handicap license plate or tag. I'm sure people thought there were way too many handicapped places and it wouldn't hurt to take one for a short errand, but it does hurt. As you say, have simple respect.

  2. Depressing, isn't it? I was just speaking to my husband about when children were supposed to be "seen, but not heard." (MY big gripe!) Now children have the run and control of everything so it's no surprise when adults act like children and are rude. There was just no excuse for that man not to move. If he has any kind of logo on the truck, call the owner(hopefully not him) and let him know that this person is affecting his reputation and business. Just no excuse!!

    1. Many people in the younger generations truly were never taught how to speak properly. In this case, I think the worker was just being selfish!
      However, that phrase " children are to be seen and not heard" is to me, NEVER appropriate. My mother and stepfather said that all the time to me & my siblings growing up. They ran a business along with my oldest brother. I grew up with parents that NEVER had a regular conversation with me. They NEVER asked me how my day was OR took ANY interest in me or what I was interested in. It took me many, many years as an adult to overcome this and learn how to have conversations with people. To this day, I still struggle with feelings like "no one cares about me". I work in accounting, and until recently had 5 jobs (one full time + 4 part time) and took care of my house & yard myself and raised my 2 kids as a single parent. It cannot be that they were too busy - they didn't want to be bothered. I try to teach my kids appropriate behavior and language.

  3. So sorry Brenda that you had to experience rudeness and inconsiderate people. If it happens to me I try and forget about it but more often than not I think about it during the day which annoys me that I am still letting it bother me.
    Love the pictures of your Black eyed Susans. I love watching wildlife, I just adore them and I was a little sad because I didn't think I would see many critters at our new place (we move in this Friday) but to my surprise a neighbor told us there were rabbits and it looks as if we have a resident chipmunk living under the deck! I don't know what Dexter will think of it, he has never caught any mice or birds, in fact when we were in the garden this spring a young bluejay came and flew right next to him on the patio and he just looked at it curiously (thank goodness)

  4. Thanks for your photos. They are always amazing. Stopping to enjoy little things is a special blessing. Everyone needs to do this more often. It allows us to slow down and enjoy life.
    The rude young man is certainly self centered. What a sad attitude he has toward others.

  5. Wow, that would have angered me also. He could have moved his truck because you asked. The rudeness in our world is one of our big problems, lack of respect indeed. I have always enjoyed your photography. Hugs!

  6. Mercy, Brenda! I cannot imagine that guy talking to you like that..good for you that you 'fought back'and did something about it.
    Love the pictures today!

  7. Seeing all the rudeness going on in our government just shows what kind of place this has become. What kind of examples are they setting.

  8. You are a true artist. People have lost all sense of carrying and morals. I see things like this happening all the time.

  9. " I'm sorry you just got dumped by your girlfriend.
    perhaps you could take your humiliation and anger out on someone else. I am just a little grandmother who has an injured ankle and lots of heavy groceries to carry into my apartment.
    now please move your frickin' truck!" LOL
    don't let them steal your joy dearest bean! you are worth ten thousand of them. XO♥

  10. What has happened to manners in America? Now young people don't think they have to wait in line and, you know what I hate? "No problem" instead of "you're welcome." I didn't even know I had a problem. I think the young children of today will be even worse when they grow up.

  11. It's awful how the young guy acted, not wanting to move the truck. But the impressive thing is, you kept at it until he moved the truck. Way to go, Brenda! Sure, it was a pain to have to go through the hassle, but you did it. Great example to us all.

  12. It's so disheartening, isn't it? I see this kind of behavior every single day. Focus on the flowers, I say, they are never rude.

  13. My friend and I were talking about this very kind of behavior yesterday. She blames this "self-centered, my needs are more important than yours" attitude to the demise of mother's needing to work outside the home, and therefore they never get trained in manners and proper behavior. IMHO, many mothers would not have to do so if they were more focused on the difference in "wants" and actual "needs". I do understand many moms would love to stay home but have no choice but to work and so the kids are either in day care or staying home alone. It is a sad situation.

  14. That's how it is today, too, if you raise your kids right. Sadly - many households have both parents working full time just to make ends meet, and the kid raising is done most of the time in a daycare where there are too many to raise individually. By the time the parents and children are home together everyone is tired and strung out and it's easier to give in than to instill discipline, etc.

  15. As usual your photos are wonderfully beautiful. I love your sassy squirrel. What a jerk! that man was. I agree that many children are not being taught "manners." FYI "No problem" is the slang for "You're welcome." ( My grandson did the translation for me.) Stay cool if possible. Pets to the 'pupsters', Sandy

  16. Ah yes, the good old days where there was such a thing as respect and manners. I'm sadly seeing less and less of it. I hate to think what another 10 years will bring. I'm glad the disrespectful jerk was told to move his truck.

  17. Did his truck have a company name on it or can you find out from the manager the name of the company? He needs to be reported to his boss, it is a poor reflection on the company. We are definitely living in a different day. It is hard to adjust to such disrespect.

  18. I too wonder where these people were brought up--like you I was taught to respect and help my 'elders'--ok now are you ready for the rest of this story--I am 69--live in a Senior apt complex--and I witness daily sometimes seniors in there 80's even being mean and disrespectful to those in their 90's--and the ones in the 90's are doing nothing wrong to deserve this kind of treatment--it just drives me crazy!!!!
    And I just love love black eyed susan's--we don't have them here in FL--so I want to move back north, just so I can have some again!!!
    thanks for the photos-
    enjoy the moments, di

  19. Oh Brenda I love the photos of the flower progress.

    As to that young man I will just post my first thought which is "what a ass".

    Certainly wasn't raised right!!!

  20. Sadly it seems respect has gone out the window these days, it's like there are NO boundaries anymore. Sad state of affairs but nothing surprises me at this point.

  21. How rude he was. I don't know why he couldn't have moved his truck so you could get your groceries in. I admire your self control, I think I may have lost my temper.

    Because of severe arthritis in my knees, I park on the street in front of our house so I can just walk on our sidewalk right up to the porch. It is difficult and painful to walk on uneven grassy surfaces while trying to carry anything. A couple of months ago I arrived at my home and there was an Ameren (our electric utility) truck parked in front of my home blocking our sidewalk. I didn't see anyone in the vehicle. I pulled up behind the truck. I had enough bags for two trips from the car to the house. I decided that I could leave the stuff in the car and just walk across the grass. It was hot, and I was ticked off. As I was getting my purse and cane and opening the car door, the door of the utility truck opened and the young man who I hadn't been able to see until just then, got half way out of his truck, waved, smiled, and said, "M'am would you like me to move the truck". "Oh, yes, I'd appreciate that". He did move the truck. And after reading about your experience, I appreciate him moving it even more. Now that was a young man who had been raised well.

  22. I, too, enjoy the pics of your blooms (and your pups, Andrew, patio & home).
    As for the guy in your parking space, he's a punk.
    No excuse for him.
    P.S. I raised my son as a single mom. I typically worked 7 days a week at two jobs. My son was brought up 'old school' to be respectful and courteous. I was with him every day after school, homework and dinner together each night. He is a great human being and has volunteered since high school, helping others here and in South America while in college, and continues to while he attends Law School. His law specialty? Human Rights and Religious Freedom. Pretty good for a kid with a mom who worked more than full time so that he could attend a private school and live in a safe, decent neighborhood.

  23. Parents are too busy. They want to be best friends and a parent. Kids are treated as adults. I know this because they come into my classroom at the start of the year and think they are in charge. I treat them with respect and there are times when they make decisions. There must be an adult in the room and that would be me. Old school here and proud of it. Some of them challenge at first but usually figure out it is much less stressful to just be a kid and do kid stuff.

  24. Hi Brenda i love your postings especially those on your interior shots.Love the flowers but do pls mention the names of the flowers too because over here we dont have those lovely flowers.Enjoyed your stories of your family ,keep it up Brenda.Thanks.

  25. How very rude! Most people (young and old) are good people. But there's always one that can ruin your whole day. Watching the evening news shows you how many rude, ill-mannered people are out there. It certainly would have been so nice of him to move his truck AND carry your groceries. I purchased a tee shirt on line that reads "Just Be Nice". Wherever I wear it I get positive comments. It should be our National Anthem


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