On The Patio

Being on the patio is a hot place to be right now. So I'm mostly gazing out the patio door enjoying the sights from indoors while staying cool.

I go out early in the morning and in the evening to do what I need to do. Usually in the middle of the day, if the sun is out, I have to go out and water the plants a bit because they are wilting.

Yesterday I had taco soup for lunch. Then I divided the remainder into sandwich sized bags and put them in the freezer. 

I can then take out one of these baggies and have an individual serving of yummy taco soup.

I find it very handy to keep individual homemade meals in the freezer for an impromptu meal. 

I also picked up sliced ham the other day. I have them cut me six individual slices (fairly thick), and I eat two pieces of ham for three nights with vegetables. 

For less than $5, I have the main part of my meal.

I got a lot of great suggestions as to what to do about the fence. I think I was not too clear in that, there isn't a front fence. 

What I meant was the fence in back that faces the street. There is no fence in front, if I worded that in a confusing way.

I think I will probably get chicken wire and put that up. That seems to be the cheapest solution.

I have read another couple of Rick Mofina's suspense thrillers. I typically read one every two nights.

I will be starting a new ebook tonight. I'm not sure which one. I might switch to a different author and then come back to some of his other books. Rick Mofina has written quite a few.



  1. Your photo of the pretty yellow flowers is just gorgeous!

  2. I love suspense thrillers. At the moment I am into James Paterson books but Rick Mofina sounds good, I will make a note. I buy my books from Goodwill so will look and see if they have any of Ricks books. I do hope you can make your patio safe for Abi and Charlie but even better would be if management will do something for you. I know you have spent your own money on your home to make it better so it would be a shame if you were forced to move.

  3. Good Morning Brenda,
    It is hot out! We went from too much rain to too much heat. Typical life on the plains isn't it. This is when my heart longs for the cool mountain air.
    Planning for the Fall now by planting pumpkin and gourd seeds.
    Sounds like life is treating you well!

  4. It's very hot here too with no relief. I'd love to be in the garden, but most days it's just going out long enough to pick the Japanese beetles off my roses!

  5. I'm glad you have some ideas for keeping the dogs inside the fence. Stay cool, it is hot here in Georgia also!

  6. too bad you can't tell the manager you'll deduct the cost of the chicken wire and installation from your next month's rent! since it's their problem and they're not fixing it. I actually feel a little sorry for her. bet she had no idea what she was taking on.
    if there's an opening I wonder if Israel could come back? then maybe he wouldn't want the mess of it either!
    but glad you have a solution now. xo

  7. I agree with JoAnn. That first photo of the yellow flower is beautiful.
    Such a cheerful color.

  8. Love the photo of the squirrel and the yellow flower is so pretty, is it Lantana? I bought one this year and I love it. It seems to be doing pretty well in this awful heat. Hope the chicken wire will be the thing for keeping the dogs safely inside the patio.

  9. Brenda, if you use chicken wire to close the gap in the fence will the pupsters be liable to wiggle under it? Will you need to have some stakes to hold it tight? I wish I could picture exactly what it looks like in relation to the tree. If the chicken wire works it will be a quick and inexpensive fix for now. Then you will still have to decide whether you can stay there or not. I can imagine how you hate the thought of moving. I am facing the same decision. I love my yard, I love my neighborhood and my neighbors and I don't want to give them up!

    How is Abi? Have you gotten her medication adjusted so she isn't going potty every five minutes all night? I sure hope so and that her cough is better. Does the temperature or humidity affect her cough at all? Just wondering.

  10. Your patio flowers look so lovely, Brenda! Too bad it's so hot you can't be out there, I'm sure you are missing your gazebo!


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