Rain & Reading

Luckily it rained yesterday. But afterwards when the sun came out, it steamed up the concrete like it was a wet sponge.

I realized that I had not gone out since last Monday. It will probably be a full week before I do go out. 

Such is life in July in hot and humid Oklahoma.

Have you ever had a Swiss cheese and fresh sliced tomato grilled sandwich? I made that. It was pretty darned tasty. 

Spread a little butter/margarine on bread and layer it with cheese and tomato slices.

Since I haven't gone out, I'm having to get a bit creative with meals. Cleaning out the freezer and fridge while I'm at it. 

So I eat a lot of bean burritos, grilled cheese sandwiches, frozen meals and baked potatoes.

Little Miss Abi broke off one of my daisies jumping into the container. So I cut another one and brought them in to enjoy. 

She's such a toot, that Abi.

I finished reading all the Rick Mofina ebooks I had in my e-library, and started on another author and another series that a reader emailed me about.

The author is Scott Pratt. And the series is the Joe Dillard series. 

This is the first book in the series. I have ebooks 1-5.

Joe Dillard is a lawyer. Married to his high school sweetheart. Had two kids. 

The son is in college. The daughter about to leave for college.

He is tired of representing guilty people. 

In law school, he aspired to be a prosecutor. But once he got out of law school, he found that prosecutors are poorly paid. And with a family, he was going to have to bring in more money. 

So he became a defense attorney. But over the years, he's come to hate it. Seeing guilty people get off and go on to hurt others. 

Glimpsing the families of victims in the court room after he successfully frees the men who killed their loved ones.  

He wants out. He's decided to take one more case. And boy, is it a doozy!

I won't tell you more. But so far I'm really into the story line. 

In this heat, the dog days of summer, get yourself some good reads and try to stay cool till it's decent weather to go back out in. Which here will probably be sometime in October.

That's my plan anyway.

I guess I have lots of baked potatoes in my immediate future. 



  1. Must be the time of year. I am working on using up the stuff in my freezer, too, so am having some 'odd' meals. lol

    I have not had time to read lately and I really miss having time to do that. I keep a book in my car and when I go get a coffee I pull under a shade tree and sit and read for at least a half-hour. It is enough to keep me sane (kind of sane-lol).

    Hope you have a good Sunday, Brenda. xo Diana

  2. I've been staying in and reading and binge watching Homeland!

  3. I haven't been reading much fiction; just can't keep focused on it at the moment. My neighbor has been giving me her magazines -- Southern Living and Better Homes and Gardens and such -- and I've been enjoying those for free. I've been checking out books on gardening at the library. Those white coneflowers are so pretty. I have some that are an orange-ish shade, but I would like some white and some purple ones too. I think that squirrel is called a fox squirrel. We have them too, as well as gray squirrels.

  4. I love grilled cheese sandwiches with bread and butter pickles on them. Grill it first and then add the pickles. So good. My mom always made them Ive had them with tomatoes too. Those books look good. I just got a kindle fire tablet/reader but cant seem to get myself to read on it! I keep reaching for a good old library book...I always forget what I'm reading on the Kindle!

  5. I make grill cheese sandwiches with a thin slice of ham in them. Also like them with tomato slices in them. Another thing you can do is grind up leftover roast beef and add mayo and pickle relish. Makes a great sandwich.

  6. We're predicted to have three days this week 100 degrees and above and the other days in the extreme high 90's. Plants that have always thrived in big planters in my yard are for some reason starting to die already this year. Even some of my zinnias are wilting, and they usually love hot weather.

    I'm having a hard time thinking of foods that appeal to me right now. Oven cooking is an absolute no, even the crockpot heats up my tiny little kitchen, plus I'm not hungry for warm food right now. Green salads have begun to disagree with my digestion, so this week I'm ready to have semi frozen meal replacement shakes, low fat cottage cheese with sliced peaches, cold sandwiches, cold salmon wraps, chicken salad, and some various cold fruits. And ice cream is calling my name loudly. I will also be re-reading some books that are favorites that I haven't read for several years.

  7. We love toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches. I use Pepper Jack slices on mine but hubs likes Cheddar. We try and consume as many tomatoes as possible in their growing season! Lol Hubs and I both go to the library a lot since we don't have a way to read ebooks. I like to hold one in my hand. It's pretty hot and humid here in Georgia too.

  8. Geez, I feel bad complaining about the temperatures in the eighties and nineties we've been having here in lower Michigan! I can't imagine it being as hot as you have reported about in Oklahoma. I would definitely NEVER step out of my air conditioning! Yikes! I send my sympathies, for sure!

    I would love to stay in and read all day, as it is. But I do have a big dog that needs a walk every day if It's not too hot for me. And I do need the walk, too, but we wait 'til toward evening when it has cooled down some. Some evenings it doesn't cool down and we stay put in the coolness of the house. I stay up too late at night reading after I go to bed. Then I can't get up at a decent time in the morning. I scold myself for sleeping late, but then I think who really cares? The perks of having no one to please but yourself!

  9. I know how you feel in the heat, last week there were 2 days in the 100's and this week more to come. It felt refreshing when it it went down into the high 80's.

    Love grilled cheese! Do you like onions? I make a "french onion" grilled cheese with caramelized onions and it is delicious!

    But my favorite is cheese and tomatoes.

    Are you on Amazon Prime? If so check and see if your town in on their Prime now food delivery, you can get your groceries delivered in 2 yours.

    Take care of yourself and your adorable pups.


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