Solving Problems & Settling Down

Yesterday it was 105 degrees by noon. Which means more watering of the patio plants.

And that also means I have to keep all the blinds drawn or this place heats up inside pretty fast. So Charlie is a little bored not having a window to the squirrels.

But that's temporary. 

I bet the squirrels are somewhere in the shade trying to stay cool as well.

I do need to go out and get chicken wire by the end of the week because my son-in-law will probably come over this weekend to help me with the fence problem. He has one of those staple guns.

I do have things piled in front of the fence openings. Still, it weighs on me that something might happen and they could somehow come tumbling down. 

As a tenant who always pays my rent, etc., on time, I do resent that it falls to me to take care of problems when it is clearly their responsibility. But I realize that that resentment just makes me feel tense and just harms me and not them.

I have to figure out ways to keep myself from getting too upset about this and do what I can control myself. 

Because when you're sitting here worrying about it and hitting a brick wall, you have to put it all in perspective and move on as best you can. For your own sake.

I've been, off and on, searching potential places to move for a month or so now, and the results are quite depressing. I feel like I've been half sitting on one side of the fence, while at the same time sitting on the other side. 

I've warred with it inwardly. That has only served to distract me from the beauty of life. Feeling like my footing is uncertain. 

I'm not going to let them take that for me. I'm going to settle down about it and let what happens happen. For I really have no other choice in the matter. 

And to accept that gives me a measure of peace.

I've felt like I shouldn't bother decorating or dreaming about decorating, for I felt on shaky ground. Fixing the fence so that the dogs at least can't get out will help me with that.

Yesterday, after weeks of scouring online for a canvas painting I truly loved and that was within budget, I finally ordered a more "cottage-style" painting of yellow roses (which you know are my favorite color of roses), from Wayfair to go over my couch. 

I will put the cow canvas that is there now in another room. I just needed more color in here and I think the yellow roses will suffice. 

The best news is that I got it at a very good price. I will be showing it to you when it arrives next week. 

So don't let things you can't control immobilize you. Find a way to put things to rest as best you can, and then go out and smell the roses.



  1. Real estate searches can be so discouraging. You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince, and it goes for apartments as well.
    Good luck!

  2. hopefully this apartment will make due for you now and then you are at the age of eligibility maybe you can find a senior complex that goes by income that you will like? My mother lived in one for sometime back when she was alive and she liked it and they charged by income - I think the age was 62 if you had medical problems otherwise 65? It is harder of course finding a place that allows pets

  3. Good for you for focusing on beauty while doing what you can to ensure you and the pupsters are safe. When it comes to rental opportunities, your best bet may be to get the word out to everyone you and your friends and family know, letting them know you are in search of a safe and comfortable rental. Many desirable properties aren't advertised and are filled quickly via verbal referrals. Perhaps your daughter can help you by sharing your search with her friends and coworkers. Just a thought!

  4. Brenda, glad to hear that you are finding a way through. One thing to keep in mind is that in the future, when you reach a qualifying age (62??) you can search for and probably qualify for some low income senior housing options in your community. Don't want to be presumptuous, but you do make frequent reference to living on a small income. So you may very well qualify. Some of these places are great and some not so great. Some will have waiting lists. I know that there are some really nice options in our rural area of Kansas and I trust that there are various options in Tulsa also. It wouldn't hurt to research now and learn as much as possible about qualifications, etc. Having the knowledge of future options could give you perspective on a less than perfect present situation. Great that you have treated yourself to new artwork!!

  5. You truly do have a nice home there Brenda. If your son in law can fix the fence problem. Let the rest go & be at peace. I know around here a place like your with the private patio are almost non existent. The few there are, the rent is terrible. You have completed so many projects & upgrades. It would be a shame to leave them all behind. March forward gal, decorate and enjoy your home. Make it a wonderful day & keep cool...............

  6. That's the best advice you can give yourself Brenda. Control what you can, move on from what you can't. I, too, have been looking around at real estate and being shocked by what I see in prices. No point in me worrying about it, although that is hard. Something will either show up in it's own good time, or it won't. Me being upset about it won't help. (Which is why I don't listen to the news any longer, but that's a different subject all together!)

  7. Brenda do you remember the name of the yellow rose you have planted. It seems to be doing well in your pot.

  8. Life has a way of going in the way it is suppose to. Just take a deep breathe and let it happen. But Its so hard to do that.

  9. Glad the fence is going to get fixed and the painting sounds wonderful.

  10. I've been in the same position, Brenda, and once I got my head around the fact that it was out of my control, I settled in and just powered through it. Your yellow roses look great, can't wait to see the canvas. I've been looking for something for my living room walls on either side of the fireplace, also something floral or cottage style. Nothing has jumped out at me just yet....I must check Wayfair, they always have good deals.

  11. I'm proud of you Brenda! You've looked into moving and it doesn't seem feasible right now so yes, make the best of where you are! Your solution to the fence problem sounds reasonable. I know you have fixed this little place to your liking and moving would be so hard. I can't wait to see your new painting! Hugs!

  12. Life seems like daily battles anymore. I am making myself take some days to just relax and enjoy the moment. I love your patio and I know how hard it is to find a reasonably priced place with that kind of outdoor space. I have to go down three floors and walk to the other end of my building to get to my little garden. Maybe someday I will have my own little patio again. Maybe not. xo Laua

  13. I also love yellow roses. and i'm not even a rose lover normally.
    I like the cow but the rose picture will make it seem more like an English country cottage which I adore.
    it will freshen it all for you so much!
    and once the stress of the holes in the fence that your little furries can get out is gone... it will seem like the beloved home you know so well and appreciate! now. if it will only COOL DOWN for us!!! :)

  14. So great your SIL is coming over to fix the fence. I know that is a big worry and concern for you. I think that will help your stress level and give you some peace. I'm really ashamed at America for how expensive everything has become, and how outrageous rents are.

  15. That is great advice, Brenda coming from someone not only having fence probablems but 105 degrees; UGH!!!!

    My current issue is humidity and constant rain. I just mowed the grass 3 days ago and it needs it again....this morning at 9 a.m. I was trying to do a little weeding and tie the tomatoes up a bit more and while the actual temperature was only around 78 or so it was so humid that I was just pouring sweat. Then it rained again.

  16. I'm with you...sometimes you have to go with the flow and do what you can. You flowers look do such a good job keeping things healthy with the heat you have!

  17. You are making do with what you have and can afford. If you cause a problem for the company owning the apartments you are living at, perhaps they would take offense and find a reason to cancel your lease-people are mean and hateful these days and one has to walk gently on eggshells.I am proud of what you have accomplished with your apartment-rejoice and be glad...

  18. So glad you will have a solution for Charlie and Abi. Despite the heat, your flowers look so lush and healthy. 🌺🌸🌿🐶

  19. Brenda, I think you are absolutely on the right track. Much of life is not within our control and the more we stress and strain about those situations, people, attitudes that we cannot change, like you said, the more we harm ourselves and cut ourselves off from all the beautiful and good things in life. Some things just have to work themselves out without help from us. I also think that when we hang out in that stressful, unhappy space we are apt to miss opportunities and solutions that would help us. It's like we are too tense and focussed on what isn't the way we want it to be that we miss something important to our situation and happiness. So, I'm glad you are relaxing and letting go a bit and trying to enjoy all the things that you love.

    I still think a newspaper article might be helpful, but that is up to you, depending how much stress arranging something like that adds to your life. Take good care of you.

  20. You need to check with your county over the rights of renters. I believe you can put your rent pay,ment into a type of escrow. The landlord must take care of the problems before they get your rent money. You ate not charged for being late eier. It is up to the landlord to fix the problems before they get paid. Please take the time to make a few phone calls to get the details for where you live.

  21. You have many great temporary solutions and those are fine...they get us through the day. Please remember you ARE in control. This is the only way you will make the changes you need in your life. And you have persevered so many times that I've known you. Hang in there and keep moving know the way. You are strong!

    Jane x

  22. What absolutely lovely flowers you have and can't wait to see your yellow rose picture. In the meantime, let the apartment hunting be something to bring you joy. It is not urgent as you still have a nice apartment. We often need a change in our life just "because". Take your time, it will all come together for you.


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