Clarifications & Questions Answered

Tuesday I found a notice next to my mail box letting me know that pest control was coming into apartments the following day.

I was a bit surprised. I've lived here for three and a half years, and they haven't done that. 

So I called the new manager and asked her about it. She said they would be spraying the baseboards. 

I let her know that that had not been done since I moved here. She said she found that they'd been paying for it for a long time, but that it was never actually being done.

I don't know who handles this type of thing. But here they are paying for some things that never happen. Seems like poor accounting.

I told her that I don't like chemicals and I didn't want that done. That I have taken measures to ensure that I don't have pests. Since I live on the end, and I know the people next door do the same, I'm not worried.

So whatever they think they must do will be very minimal and I will be watching closely.

I have not had a mouse problem since I ordered that pest repeller that you plug into your electrical outlets from I recently ordered more to have at least one in every room because I saw one bug. 

Even though I feel I have the problem, for now, under control, I still don't use the kitchen drawers or cabinets. I've become accustomed to having my dishes out in the blue cupboard. And I like having my utensils handy.

In dealing with this problem, I realized pretty quickly that I don't actually need cabinets and drawers. It is so easy to adjust to finding other more creative ways of storing things. And if I run out of room to do that, then I need to purge.

If I had to design a kitchen, I would not add cabinets at all. I'd have either open shelving or stand-alone furniture, more like they did in the "olden days."

Some of you asked me what I was referring to when I wrote about "cotton stems." 

Well, I should have clarified that. I meant those stems that are in the floral section (of Hobby Lobby anyway) with cotton balls on them.

Here's a photo I took from Magnolia Market, where it was listed as a cotton stem.

They fit in with farmhouse decor. But for me, I'd rather just have floral stems.

There were also comments about buying online versus going into stores.

I should have prefaced that by writing that I rarely buy clothing. 

Just over a year ago I tried to get myself to become more fashionable. But I was swimming against my natural tide

I just don't see the point in spending money on clothing because I'm mostly at home. The pupsters don't give a fig what I wear! 

I might order a few t-shirts here and there, never more than once per year. I order sneakers online at Zappos, less than once per year. 

I don't even include clothing in my budget, because it has so little impact on it.

Someone also asked where I was getting the Scott Pratt series of Joe Dillard books. I get them on my Kindle to read. I have found them readily available on 

So if you have any other questions, put them in the comments or email me and I will try to address them.



  1. Better safe than sorry with pest control. Once fhey start spraying other units the critters will be on the move and you don't want them taking refuge in your unprotected home.

    Your mention of using the plug in rodent deterrent makes me wonder if that may be the cause of the pupsters' strange behaviors as pups are able to hear high frequencies. This is what I found:

    "common house pets such as cats and dogs can also hear ultrasonic frequencies. Cats can perceive sound up to about 64,000 Hz, and dogs perceive sounds up to 45,000 Hz. You should consider not using noise as a repellent for mice if you have pets." Just a thought if your repellent operates by emitting sound.

  2. I don't like chemicals in my home either. No bug spraying here so that's a good thing. I would rather have a few real plants in my home then faux, that's just me. Hugs!

  3. Interesting about the high frequency pest plugins. I have never tried them; I have cats instead ;-)
    Have you thought about a thunder shirt or swaddling for Abi? You mentioned in a previous post that she seemed to calm down when wrapped in your night gown.
    I like the cotton stems if they are real. I have a few from my home state of Alabama (I now live in the PNW near Seattle) and they make me happy. Actually, I think a few displayed near your beautiful quilts would be really cute. Sort of a tribute to the origin of the fabric. Speaking of cotton (and your love of words), the more correct term is cotton boll not ball when talking about cotton before processing. I'm a word nerd myself so I'm not trying to be the word police.

    1. You beat me to it -- boll, not ball.

  4. Having just read that informative post above about high frequencies affecting pets, cold Abby be reacting to such an issue? I've never considered that, but it's an interesting point.

  5. Hi Brenda. I would ask if the could use the pet friendly spray in your apartment. My cousin was an exterminator so I know that they do have them. I know you love Abi and Charlie so much that you want them to be safe.

    I'm with you on the shopping. I am a stay at home mom and as such I tend to wear the same clothes over and over. Few shorts, few tees. They get replaced when they get too stained for the UPS man to see me. Of course, I have nicer things for running errands or going out. I just don't like to go out clothes shopping.

    We have an Amazon Prime account and I get all of my books on their free list. Most have been good. There have only been a couple I just couldn't finish.

  6. You do have to be so careful of pets when they are spraying for bugs. Especially small pets. I'm glad you opted to skip the indoor spraying.

  7. Brenda, I had to chuckle when you said that the pupsters don't care what you wear. So true, our four-leggeds only care that we feed them, give them pats and provide a warm place to sleep. Which is really about what all of us basically need. Except for a creative outlet and some eye-candy, perhaps.

    I know what you mean about clothes, though. I buy clothing only at thrift stores because I refuse to pay the prices that new clothing costs these days. A while ago I, too, decided that my wardrobe was just too boring and same-old, same-old. I mean I wear the same thing pretty much every day, everywhere. Jeans or khakis and a T-shirt. Short-sleeved in summer and long-sleeved in winter w/ a sweater or a tank top under. I have lots of different colors, but all the same style pretty much. So, anyway, I began looking for more "stylish" things, even asked my daughters what they tho't . But, in the end, I didn't find anything different that I felt comfortable in. So, I still wear the boring old pants and T-shirts that I wore before I went on my "style-quest"!
    And I'm happy as a clam! I'm too old to worry about fashion and style very much, anyway!

    I hope the manager of your apt. complex doesn't insist that you have chemicals sprayed INSIDE your apartment! They are SO toxic for you and the pupsters. Maybe you could suggest that they spray around the foundation outside the apartment.
    I wish a lot of folks would get the fact that those toxins have devastating effects on the planet and on the health of humans. Good luck with this issue. (Just don't let them in the door!)

  8. As a landlord, I have learned that if you treat only part of a building, the pests will settle in the untreated areas by the droves. At that point, if you had refused treatment, she is not require to re-treat your unit for at least one full year.

  9. Also, check your lease. Mine now reads that if treatment is refused that the renter pays for any interim treatment needed as well as pest that come from their unit if they don't treat.

  10. Hmmm... I'm wondering if those pest repellents have any affect on your dogs...

  11. I have never heard of the plug in thing that you mentioned is it for pest control? I would prefer that over chemicals anyday. do you like the job the new management is doing?

  12. I use the plug in insect repellent and really like that they keep the bugs away. I live among pine trees and those who do also know that those huge flying bugs are prevalent where pines are located. It has worked for us. I'm dog sitting this week and they don't seem to bother Maggie at all.

  13. Those Cotton Bolls are not pretty at all. I have peacock feathers in a vase and I like those a lot better. It is also quite traditional.

  14. Hi Brenda,
    I enjoy your posts and the lovely pictures of your apartment and patio. Your pups are sweet too.
    I used a plug in pest repellent for years and it didn't bother the cats, puppies or children that shared our home. I also found lots of herbal things that kept critters and bugs away without damage to the environment or our health.
    Also, I'm glad that there are so many of us around that want to be clean and comfortable and not fashion plates with seasonal wardrobes. I am more inclined to splurge on a book or a plant than clothes.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  15. I am curious as well about the bug repeller that you plug in! Did you see bugs before that? And since you have had none? I hate bugs and although we have a company spray around the house for prevention I will not let them in for fear with will affect the dogs.


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