Something Good From Something Bad?

Yesterday I dragged myself out into the humid heat to run a few errands. 

I'm afraid shingles may be flaring its ugly head. I saw one sore in my mouth over the weekend. And I feel so tired and achey.

Last weekend's news dragged me down. I've found it hard to sleep, hard to concentrate. I feel sad.

Thank goodness for online ordering. I received two 12-packs of dog food from, canned prescription food that is heavy for me to carry. 

It's so much easier when it comes right to my door.

I'm awaiting some things from Things for the house and food that doesn't have to be refrigerated. I'm so grateful that I can do this.

On Tuesday evening we had a thunderstorm and lightning hit a transformer. It zapped power from the whole apartment complex. 

Sure has been nasty weather here lately.

I opened the back windows to get some fresh air and a rainy breeze. My living room windows are all taped up to keep out dirt and can't be opened.

Workers got power back in a few hours. 

The woman next door, who is constantly on oxygen, had to rely on a battery. We were afraid they wouldn't get it back on before it ran out. But she made it.

Our country sighs a collective sigh of sadness. 

We lost three innocent people last weekend because of hate groups. I so hope we can bridge the divide that has widened between various factions. 

I was raised in the sixties. I kind of feel like we've stepped back in time.

I think maybe, after the events of the past week, grief over what is happening might bring us all together. Maybe. I hope.

Hope that something good comes from something bad.



  1. I completely agree. Thank you for speaking about this.

  2. I hope the shingles aren't coming back...that is awful. Try not to stress and worry too much over the world events (I know, it's hard)...stress manifests itself physically and weakens the immune system. Could be why the shingles are trying to come back. I order my cat's canned food from Chewy, too. Not because they're too heavy for me to carry, but the brand my cats eat isn't available in the stores around here (an organic food with no fillers). Their customer service can't be beat and the food is on your doorstep in two days.

  3. Hi Brenda:

    I am sad, too. I lost two VA State Police colleagues and we are terribly sad. One of the funerals is today.

    In regard to the Shingles, you might try a supplement (not exactly a vitamin) called L-Lysine. You can order it via Amazon. Perhaps it will help.

  4. I hope you're right, Brenda. :-(

  5. I hope you are right about people of good will, even though we don't always agree with each other, coming together, to fight off the darkness of hatred and tyranny. It seems our country has jut gone crazy, and it frightens me and saddens me. I too, grew up during the 1960's and experienced race riots in 1968 in my home town in Wisconsin. It was a frightening time that I thought we had gotten beyond. Now KKK are marching in the streets and attacking people with home-made mace and fire weapons! If you are able to get the shingles vaccine, would that help prevent a future episode? If you are on Medicare, I believe it might be covered under your once-a-year free check up and health review that Medicare pays for.

  6. I do hope the shingles is not back again Brenda, I echo Melanie's words, stress does weaken the immune system but it is hard, very hard not to despair when the President appears to be taking the side of the oppressors. Can't understand why more people in government aren't speaking out. I love that we have free speech but isn't it time that we stood up against hate, hate for other people and races? If we don't and if the government doesn't I dread to think what could happen.

  7. I was just thinking the same thing about the sixties...

  8. Hi Brenda,
    I hope it is not shingles that can be a long and painful time. Hoping for better days ahead.

  9. The news makes me so sad, such a terrible thing when people have so much hate.

  10. if your sores are like canker sore, I have had them during chemo. My oncologist strongly recommended me to NOT use any toothpaste with sodium laurel sulfate in it. All drug store toothpastes like Crest, Colgate, etc. have that ingredient which is like a detergent on your teeth and gums. I ordered Squiggle toothpaste online. It does not have that ingredient, has fluoride, helps heal mouth sores and helps prevent them. My sores have all disappeared and my gums are no longer sore. I love this toothpaste and will continue to use it. I order two tubes at the time. Here is the cheapest I could find it online:

  11. Echoing what Melanie and Wendy and everyone else had to say. ;-)
    Hope you can rest and feel better.

  12. Brenda,
    Please read this! You can take VALACYCLOVIR and it will most likely help you. Surprised the dentist
    didn't prescribe this for you. I take this to prevent cold sores which have plagued me since I was 12 yrs. old.
    My dermatologist told me if I take one every day I will not get a cold sore and he's right! I wear lipstick everyday without fail to keep my lips covered because the sun is so bad for my lips. Or, I wear Herpicin L (you can get at CVS or any drug store) on my lips to keep them soft and protected and my 1 VALACYCLOVIR. Its been a complete turnaround for me. This anti-viral drug is great and I have no side effects. I might mention I hate taking any drugs, but this is much better then the pain and ugliness of a cold sore that takes forever to go away. Please ask your doctor or dentist for a script. Web MD has a lot of useful info on shingles. Good luck and I hope you and the 'kids' are doing well.

  13. i'm also affected by the world's growing hatred and its total lack of brotherhood. especially in America.
    I always wondered what it would have been like to be alive in the Nazi period of history. and how decent people could even allow it to happen. I think I am learning all to well how easily it could happen.
    when they showed that man in his hotel room taking off all the guns he had on him (he said he carried them at all times!) there were 5 of them plus a knife ... and of course the AK7 in his bag ... a machine gun! I thought to myself... how MANY others are walking around us like that? armed to the teeth! it's frightening and so sad.
    one feels despair.
    maybe that's how the Nazis became so powerful in Germany. people simple couldn't even comprehend that much evil and hatred among them!

  14. I live in hope, and I turn off the 24 hours news cycle - read news the Web and research 'facts'. It's time consuming, but I feel I have more control over the constant barrage of nonsense the media is feeding us.

  15. Julie is correct-it is the media we should be wary of. They are twisting facts and telling falsehoods, all in an effort to turn us against our president. Research the facts until you are sure you have the correct story. What they report is not to be trusted at first glance. Do your homework.
    God bless our country with peace within.

  16. So sorry that your shingles might be back. Take care of yourself.

    The world is in a sad state, last week VA today Spain. I am sick of seeing this sort of thing, is this our sad new reality?

  17. Yes, it is very sad the way some hateful, destructive factions are rearing their ugly heads and claiming our lives and our attention. I don't pretend to know why all this is happening, but I think those factions are being encouraged by our president. And maybe there is a purpose to his rhetoric being a means of bringing them into the light so that they aren't skulking in dark corners. I just wish it didn't entail people dying and being injured. I don't know whether there is really any sense to be made of it at all, as much as one would like there to be. I'll admit, I don't allow much news of that sort into my sphere of living because I feel it contaminates my thinking and forces out the tho'ts of love and healing I want to be putting out into the world. Maybe that is like sticking one's head in the sand, but I just can't function if I do otherwise. It saps too much of my energy for doing good--both to myself and to others.

    I sure hope you're not getting those nasty shingles again, Brenda. Let yourself rest as much as you can and maybe that will help. I agree that those mail order options are very helpful. My local Kroger store lets you order your groceries on-line and then choose when you want to pick them up--or in my case--have them picked up by someone. I took advantage of it this week and it was a life-saver. Not quite as good as having them delivered to your door by the store, but still mighty helpful. Do you have Kroger grocery stores there? I think it will be more and more common to order food online.

  18. I hope you aren't getting shingles, Brenda. Oh! Awful.
    I am sorry for what is going on in the world today. It really makes me wonder where we are headed. I am just sickened by what happened in Barcelona today! xo Diana

  19. Brenda, I just read the suggestion in one of the other comments that said to try L-lysine. I was thinking that myself when I was writing my first comment, but somehow didn't mention it. It is an amino acid. I would just like to second that suggstion because I cannot be without L-ysine. I take it every day or I get sores in my mouth. They are not shingles, but I think they are some type of virus. The L-lysine seems to keep the virus under control. Since shingles is a virus it might help that, too. Give it a try and see. It's not expensive and is available online. I get the NOW brand from Lucky Vitamin's online store. Just wanted to confirm that other commenter's suggestion.

  20. Stay Well and Hopeful that We, as a Country, can Take the High Road. We Just Have To.


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