Thoughts On The Premiere Of "The Sinner"

Did anyone happen to watch the premiere of "The Sinner" with Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman on Wednesday night? It was the first in this limited series.

The First Episode:
Cora Tannetti is at Lake Minnewaska with her husband Mason and their small child when she starts watching the actions of a couple nearby. 

They are making out and getting hot and heavy, and for some unknown reason she becomes fixated on them.

Then, inexplicably, she gets up and goes over to them. She has in her hand a knife that she's been using to cut up fruit for her child. 
Suddenly, and without provocation, she starts stabbing the male with the knife. The woman he was making out with is screaming and everyone is stunned at the turn of events.

Cora is as baffled as her husband and everyone watching when it's over and the man is dead. 

Later she mutters something to the detectives about their music being too loud.

She has no explanation for what she did. She did not know the man previous to this day, she tells the police. 

One of the investigators, Det. Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman), becomes intrigued with this woman. 

He feels that there has to be more to this story than what she is saying. Or even perhaps more than she realizes herself.

The detective seems determined to figure out what was behind this perplexing crime. He wants to know what really happened that sunny day at the lake when this young mother snapped. 

Why did she kill a stranger she says she never met?


I am curious about the investigator's story as well as Cora's, as his own story is deftly woven into the plot.

If you watched it, I would love to know what your thoughts are and whether you plan to watch it again next week.

If you would like to watch the first episode, click here.



  1. Hmm... thanks for the link! I'm going to watch the first episode today...

  2. Brenda, I wanted to share with you in case you hadn't heard of the passing of a long time blogger, Mona Duffy of Wsprsweetly of Cottages on August 1st of Pancreatic Cancer. Nana Diane takes a break announced it on her bog.

  3. I did watch it...I have to say I wasn't impressed and I did have a hard time following the plot.
    I do plan on watching the next episode with the hope(?)
    that it becomes clearer to me.

  4. I am with Pat on this first episode. I was not real impressed with this one and will give next week another try to see if I can get into it more. Happy Friday.

  5. I liked it and plan to watch next week. I like both Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman.

  6. I too watched it and want to see a few more episodes before I decided. I think it's going to get pretty dark. Pullman has issues as well.

  7. Oh- I didn't see this. I am coming back to this link later to watch it when I have a bit of time....tonight, I hope. xo Diana

  8. I haven't had time, but do want to see it. Thanks for the review.

  9. I recorded it on my Dvr but do not intend to watch it until I have 2 or 3 episodes so that I can watch it in order and without a whole week in between. Usually stories like this make more sense if you watch them back to back.

  10. I much prefer your posts on life. Antiques... decorating. Cooking.. and especially your decorating.

  11. Thank you for reminding me about this show and for the link. I adore Bill Pullman. I love to hear about your various interests and find we have a lot in common. No same old thing on your blog. Love it all.

  12. Yes I did watch and will continue with the series. Hoping Ms. Abbie is doing well.


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