Tuesday Outing

In the middle of the night, my patio door got off track somehow. I just hate it when that happens. 

The dogs are still wanting out quite a bit at night. So I was tugging on it every time they went out. The top was off kilter with the bottom.

So when I got up, I called the office and they sent the maintenance man over. 

He worked a bit on it, then headed out to get more tools. Then came back and worked some more. 

Then he took the door off. Which had me sitting here holding the dogs thinking: "Oh yea, now all kinds of gnats and flies will get in."

Finally he got it fixed and put the door back on.

Meanwhile my daughter called me and said she was unexpectedly getting off at lunchtime. And could we go on our outing today. It was a good time to go, as it was cooler and overcast.

So off we went. We ate at El Chico's, one of our favorite Mexican places to go eat lunch.

Then she drove us to World Market.  

We were not that wowed. Prices were pretty high, we thought. And the sales were only 20% off.

So we didn't buy anything. 

I find these days the stores are just not tempting me much. Makes me wonder about brick and mortar stores. And thus the future of brick and mortar stores.

I suppose these nationwide chains will make it. Plenty of people like to look at things in person before they buy.

But I seem to buy more and more online. I don't have to worry about being in pain walking around a store. I can take my time and think about things, while putting something in my online cart and coming back to it later.

I do love to browse an antique or junk type store. Everything is one of a kind and that makes it far more interesting to me.
How about you? Do you buy more online now? Or would you rather go to the actual store and browse?


  1. I buy quality, not quantity, so I don't buy very often. I want to try things on or feel them before buying. Sizes are so inconsistent--I can wear anything from a small to a large. How is that even possible? And ordering stuff to try on at home and then sending back what doesn't fit is, honestly, an environmental disaster.
    I keep reading about companies trying to get into food delivery. That one will never happen for me. I don't even go to the market stands where the sellers want to pick the produce for you. I like my nectarines crunchy. The person next to me wants them soft and juicy. We need to pick them out ourselves.
    Interesting article in the New York Times about chronic pain management: "The Secret Life of Pain." The podcast On Point with Tom Ashbrook also recently looked at chronic pain, with some of the same conclusions.

  2. I'm like you I would rather shop on line. Crowds bother me. Guess I am getting old.

  3. I didn't want to burst your bubble yesterday with World Market. That's why all I said was it was a fun place to browse. It's really no different than Pier 1 Imports and everything is high-priced and made in China. You can find a lot of the same stuff at Hobby Lobby and get it on sale or use a 40% off coupon. Like you, I'd rather shop at vintage and antique shops and find one-of-a-kind things. I do a lot of shopping online, but not a lot for my house. I'd be afraid to buy a piece of furniture online unless I saw it in person first. I have bought a rug and a small bookcase online though. I've been browsing living room chairs online, but everything is so expensive, plus I'd want to try sitting in it first to see if it's comfortable. I'm just trying to get some ideas right now.

  4. Love the yellow rose painting. Sounds like a fun day.

  5. I only buy books on line and a vegetarian pate from Amazon that I can't find anywhere else. Clothes I definitely want to try on before I buy especially now I found karenbritchick on youtube, she is so into fashion she talks about everything fashion from building your wardrobe to how to wear clothes. To buying vintage, mixing inexpensive clothes to designer. She has really got me thinking about updating my looks even at my age. She usually has a new youtube up every Friday.

  6. We live in such a rural area that traveling to retail stores of any substance means a 3 hour round trip. I love to support the little local stores, especially the antique and second hand ones, but find myself increasingly turning to Amazon, which has everything and with the Prime, pays for itself within a month. We watch the movies, etc for free. Having said that, I felt that the smaller stores are losing out and in a few years, we will have nothing but websites like amazon, creating a monopoly and more problems. We travel and buy many of our clothes in Goodwill, etc., sometime new stuff for a fraction.

  7. I'm beginning to do something that I said I would never do. And that is to shop online. Yesterday I went to a much larger city about 100 miles from our cute little town. I went to three stores , fought normal traffic, rush hour traffic and pouring rain looking for Annie Sloan French Linen paint. No luck. Came home, nerves frazzled, went online and in about 2 minutes I ordered it. Honestly, what was I thinking? Depending on where you live, online shopping is great.

  8. My last visit to a World Market ended like yours, bought nothing. Expensive and the same old same old. I sometimes enjoy browsing a Home Goods but mostly I'm into vintage and antique malls. Still love my thrifts but trying to buy only things I can use and not just pretties, boy is that hard for me! I buy lots online and love it. I do go grocery shopping often with my Mom, she loves it. She loves to cook and so loves to buy food. I benefit from it with meals so that's nice.

  9. Brenda, I have a question. Please email me at marmeeorpapaj@comcast.net. I believe that you worked on my web page several years ago and I need to ask a question/opinion. May hire you in the near future also.
    Vickie Burch

  10. I do most of my shopping online, as there are limited stores nearby. However, food shopping must be done in person....and I still love a good nosy around Home Goods whenever I am in the area!

  11. We live out in the boonies and only have a large food chain store here. I would NEVER order food online. Since we don't have antique stores (which I love) I shop etsy and ebay a lot. But....so many cardboard boxes!! so much packing material!! So much waste!! That's depressing.

    1. The packing materials are the worst! I flattened boxes and use them as a weed barrier every spring (and I have used those horrid styrofoam peanuts in the bottom of potted plants for drainage.

  12. I live in the Denver metro area which has tons of places to shop. One year my husband and I went Christmas shopping. I knew exactly what I wanted to buy. We shopped for hours and came up with very few items. I went home, shopped on Amazon and within 30 minutes had found all the items I had on my list. I mostly shop for clothes at thrift stores. We are in our 50's and enjoy antique stores now. I buy food from the store but find I can get my dog food cheaper on Amazon. I have a bad back so it's nice to have it shipped to my home.

  13. I tend to order online, too. I can find better prices, delivery is quick/painless, and Amazon Smiles will donate to pets in need. I have mixed feelings about buying perishable food online. DH signed me up for a Blue Apron trial, but the boxes always arrived days late, and the perishables looked and smelled "off." The bottoms of the boxes were always waterlogged, as well. We didn't renew. My niece's aunt lives in Florida, and she loves BA. Never had a problem.

  14. I definitely buy a lot online. I hate crowds.

  15. I need a sticker for my bumper that says: "Born to Shop." My favorite retail stores are Home Goods, Ross, Marshall's, and Hobby Lobby. I actually seldom purchase anything but love the decor aisle's and get a lot of inspiration.

    My favorite thrift stores are Goodwill, Savers, and St Vincent. Actually almost all my favorite possessions are from second hand stores. I only purchase on line when I cannot find what I want by shopping in person. I love a bargain.

    Since I am a senior and live in a high rise building, I recently discovered if you purchase $35.00 or more from WalMart, they ship for free right to my front door. So I now buy toilet paper, cat litter, cat food, and all cleaning supplies from them. No more heavy lifting!

  16. Ah World Market for those people who are not on any sort of budget...love the place, but would probably never set foot in one again. I simply cannot afford it. I order about 25% of things I use monthly from Amazon. The rest I shop for because I do enjoy it.

  17. Brenda your restaurant outing sounds delicious :) I buy online for books, used books, ironing board covers, fabric and thread, the grandkids birthdays, just about anything that I can avoid going to a store for. Amazon Prime is 99.00 per year including movies, free shipping on orders and probably a whole lot more that I don't take advantage of but in shipping alone, worth the money. I'll order something on a Friday and get a delivery from some guy in a car on Sunday. Amazing. So yes, I love online :)

  18. I don't mind buying shoes that I know will fit or jeans/capris in brands I know will fit me well online. But other clothing items such as shirts and jackets I like to try on as sizes vary so much. That said, I don't buy clothes all that often as I wear my favorites over and over until they wear out. :)

    Household items such as new sheets I also will buy online. Bigger items like furniture, I definitely want to try it out before buying.

    I don't especially like shopping but I do like to stop in at the antique/flea markets and the upscale resale shop now and then.

  19. I do very little shopping online, and don't shop at amazon.com. I used to order books there, but Jeff Bezos is too scary for me. Besides amazon.com, he owns the Washington Post and wants to own a grocery chain and other services, such as wanting to get into some aspects of the healthcare industry. Too much of the economy and information getting tied up by one person/corporation. So, I'll keep shopping at my local stores. It's good for me to get out of the house and go walk around the store. But you've got to do what's right for you.

  20. I love shopping online! And frankly for non-pershibles, I might give Amazon Prime Now a chance, especially as they deliver in my area within 2 hours.

    I personally love antiques and interesting finds from little shops. As for world Market the only think I like there is the European Food I cannot find at my store.

    I hope that you have your door fixed and enjoyed your Mexican lunch.

  21. Yes, I went to a World Market store one time and that was enough for me. Not impressed especially with the prices.

    Glad getting the patio door fixed was not as much of a problem as getting those trees taken care of!

    I like that picture you have in the dark frame hanging next to the clock inside the red frame. It is a picture of a lady standing next to the kitchen counter, I think. I noticed it one other time in a blog.

    I am like you, Brenda, I would prefer to buy things online. Especially my clothes. I buy from a couple of different catalogs because I like their style, fit, and quality. I have some things I bought from them years ago and I still wear them because their style is timeless. I am not a fancy person - simple outfits for me. Also, in this town where I live we do not have much of a variety of shopping. You can drive 30 minutes south and have a great variety of stores but my legs don't hold out long and it's not worth the trouble to drive there. My daughter and son-in-law enjoy taking me there when they visit so I let them!

  22. I like to occasionally browse, when I'm not looking for something specific. However, when I need an item, decor or otherwise, I usually hit the online stores. It's way easier to comparison shop and nail down what I want in a jiffy...

  23. Brenda, I went BINGE SHOPPING yesterday! It had been months since I hit the thrift shops...and I had a blast. I am a book freak, so brought home 50 books at 10 cents each. After reading, I donate to the library yearly book sale. I do not work, so don't need a big wardrobe...I have all the knick knacks/dishes I'll ever need...but I still like to shop. I am a computer FAILURE...tried ordering a comforter online from Walmart, and they wanted me to change my password...tried and tried, and because of that, was blocked. I went to the store, talked to two managers, got some advice, went back home, and had the same experience. SO...I just texted my daughter who lives ACROSS THE STATE to pick the comforter up for me and just hold it until we get together. SHEESH!!! To me, ordering online is NOT EASY!

  24. I do both, Brenda. I love the large selection I get online, but I don't like some things I can't feel or touch. Reviews are super helpful.

    I totally get your pain in shopping, My back is shot. Still, I'd go bonkers if I didn't get out!


  25. I do almost all of my shopping online - especially Christmas shopping as I hate the crowds during the holidays. There are some items I just like to see in person before I buy and clothes I need to try on as different sizes can fit differently. But I hate buying clothes and do as little as possible of that since I retired! I love Amazon Prime since we can order as little or much as we need with free and fast two day shipping. So far Amazon Prime has been worth the annual fee to us not only for the shopping but for the online video service included (since we cut the cable cord a few years ago) and they offer unlimited free photo storage in their "cloud". I feel like it is all worth the $99 a year charge for us at least.

    Brenda I just love the newest painting of the roses especially displayed with the grouping of white candles in front of it! Beautiful!

  26. Hi, just discovered your blog through bloglovin' and enjoyed reading about your shopping with your daughter. I am feeling a little like you in that I also am getting tired of shopping and I never thought I would ever feel that way. I used to love to shop and buy. But lately I feel I have all I need..and certainly a house full enough. I am careful about what I buy and bring into the house. And I have a great desire now to rid myself of so much stuff. Maybe it's my age...72...or just more contentment. Now I'm going back to read some more of your posts.


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