A Fun Saturday Outing

I don't normally go out on weekends due to the crowds and traffic, unless it's with my daughter and Andrew. But yesterday I got antsy watching the Florida hurricane coverage and went out for a bit.

It's been a bit cooler, so I'm much more apt to go out. Cooler weather of any variety just puts a spring in my step!

I only go out if I have a few errands I need to run. So I sat at the corner stop sign and thought about where I might want to go before I ran those errands.

Hobby Lobby is just about a mile away, so I drove there. It wasn't nearly as crowded as I thought it would be on a Saturday. And they had some great sales, so I spent some time browsing.

Most of the time I go in there I find absolutely nothing. Then other times I'm lucky and see some fantastic deals. This was one of those times. Everything I got was half off and can be used any time of year.

I'll be showing those things later this week. As I'm planning on starting my decorating series tomorrow, and will have a five day stretch of decorating posts.

I have a lot of fun dragging things from my closet shelves (one of my two walk-in closets in my bedroom has shelves across one whole side) and putting vignettes together. 

If I don't have to dig out big plastic totes, I'm happy.

I'll show how I build and layer vignettes, for those that are interested. I consider a vignette three of something.

I like to post about topics you're interested in seeing and reading. So if you have a preference or suggestion about what you'd like to see more of, just tell me in the comments or email me. And I'll try to fit these topics into my schedule.

Lawsy, I feel so bad for those folks I see on my TV standing in lines in Florida trying to get into a shelter. My heart just goes out to them and what they're going through.

I hope none of you are in that line.


  1. Jasoer and I went to Home Depot and returned with mums. I'm looking forward to your decorating series- I am excited about adding fall touches to the yard and porch, but I can't get motivated to change anything inside the house. 😀

  2. Brenda, It is heartbreaking seeing so many people suffering. I lived in Florida for 10 years and experienced a couple of hurricanes and many, many tropical storms. They are all scary.

    Looking forward to your decorating series.


  4. Yeah 5 days of decorating ideas ... looking forward to your creative ideas. Tomorrow Irma comes to SC hopefully just wind and rain and hopefully not too bad. Nothing like Texas and Florida expected. These storms have been terrifying for so many and I always think of the animals too. Glad you got out and about not good to stay in too much although you do have the best of company with the pupsters.

  5. Looking forward to seeing your fun finds, and learning about how to make a vignette!

  6. I just went to Hobby Lobby for the first time this weekend. It was very crowded since it was a new store and the only one in our area. I have to say I was rather unimpressed, but there was a pillow cover that I keep thinking about...might have to go back. Glad you found some treasure. That always makes me smile.

  7. Looking forward to your decorating post..Love to see all the fun stuff you do.

    I love Hobby Lobby. And love to pop in, and find the good sales are going on.

    I too am heart breaking for the Irma and Harvey victims.. Seeing them standing in line, was so sad.

  8. Glad you enjoyed your little outing :)


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