Collecting Basic Fillers For Tabletop Vignettes

Sunday was rainy, as was Monday morning. I just love rainy days. 

I got up yesterday morning and cooked a meatloaf for supper. Then I headed out to shop for vignette base fillers for my fall/winter decorating.

Soon I will be putting my garden to bed for winter. Colder weather will mean more time indoors. That is when I start decorating for cozy winter months.

First I went to At Home. I hadn't been there in ages. Then straight down the road to Hobby Lobby next, as I saw online that they had some great stuff half-off this week.

These baskets are half-off again this week at HL. They're so versatile to use in decor. 

Wood decor is also half off, which included this cute strand of wood beads. 

Hobby Lobby also has all kinds of pretty galvanized/metal decor now that is also half-off this week.

When shopping At Home, I found the moss, pine cones and other items I'll use for vignette fillers.

These faux pears are the perfect golden-yellow color for fall. 

Fall is weeks away here in terms of weather, but that's when I plan to do some seasonal decorating with more natural elements. 

If I did that shopping now, real pumpkins and gourds probably wouldn't last through Thanksgiving. And I want them to last a few months. 

Aside from the main elements in a vignette, you always need filler to tuck in here and there for color and texture. So it's good to have these things on hand for when you need them.

Vignette Basics

1. Pine cones
2. Wine corks
3. Mosses
4. Faux fruit and plants
5. Wood strands

You will also want to have a base for vignettes.

Vignette Bases  
1. Trays
2. Baskets
3. Cutting Boards/Wood Slices
4. Old shutters
5. Platters/Plates

When you have collected a variety of vignette fillers, corral them in a basket or some other container so you'll have them all in one place and be ready to make vignettes. Then you'll be able to find what you need.

I will be posting various vignettes for different areas of your home in the coming weeks and months, in case you want to create vignettes along with me.

So there is going to be lots more decorating posts very soon! As well as posts featuring subtle seasonal decor with more of nature's bounty as soon as it cools off a bit.


  1. Good Morning! I know some of us shop at resale shops too. We don't always find the exact color of fruit that we want for decorating. But, a couple small bottles of craft paint doesn't cost much and lasts forever. You can make your fruit whatever colors you want them. My favorite shop around here is the salvation army. Ours always as neat things. Baskets too, you can always paint them the colors you want too. Just thought I'd mention that. Some of us have left over fruit from years past, now is the time to paint & update them. Thanks for all your ideas Brenda, I love your blog.

  2. I love vignettes and I'm enjoying your decorating posts!

  3. Great finds.. Love your decorating..Can't wait to see what you do with the fillers.. fun, fun..
    ps. the meatloaf looks yummy

    1. Had meatloaf last night. Will have it again tonight. Love leftovers!

  4. Love the vignettes you make Brenda! Lots of great fillers here and I look forward to seeing your decorating over the coming weeks. xox


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