Almost There

Yesterday I got most of the painting done. Or as much as I'm going to do right now. I stopped short of painting right up to the ceiling, so at some point I will need to get up on a stepladder to finish that. 

And I didn't paint both above and under the window. That will have to come later when I'm rested up.

I also sanded the wall where I had to repair an area of the sheet rock. I didn't sand very deep because I could see that the Zinsser Gardz seal was flaking up. So I just cleaned it up and painted over it. 

Maybe I didn't do it right, the fixing of the sheet rock. It's not like I've ever done this before. I just put layers of spackling over the torn area and let it dry. Then I painted over it.

I also got the trim at Lowes and got it painted. I don't have that up yet.

I don't like to leave things unfinished. But common sense prevails.

They tell me that the tree guy will be on the property at the end of the week. The manager does not know where he will start first, as there are other trees at other apartments that he will have to deal with as well.

She said the maintenance guy will have to take the fence down on two sides. I sure hope he will be able to get them back up that day so I can let the dogs out. But I'm not getting my hopes up on that.

Below is what one tree/fence looks like. See how much of a gap there is between the end of the apartment and the tree? The dogs will be able to get through that before long.

My son-in-law put the chicken wire on the other side, as that was the spot that was gaping then. But that tree is growing very fast and now the gaps are on both sides of the tree. 

It is the bottom of the tree, which is not in the photo, that is pushing the fence out. At one point they had apparently affixed the fence to the tree toward the top to keep the fence standing. But it is beyond that point now.

Why they let this problem get so out of hand is beyond me. Doesn't make a lot of business sense to me. The longer you let a problem persist the more it usually costs you to fix it.

I sort of have my living room back in order. Hopefully I will have some pics in a few days.


  1. Having hung a few piéces of sheetrock in my day,sounds like you did good,spackle,sand,paint.
    Good luck on the trees and fence.
    Watch that ankle,have a rest day.

  2. I wonder if putting one of your planters in front of the hole will help with the gap? Good luck with all that's going on.

    1. If you mean the trim, I have it up. I had the maintenance guy cut it for me and he got it too short. Oh well.

  3. I am glad that you can see an end in sight. It seems when we start one thing, something else always pops up. This time you really had a mess to deal with. I'll be waiting to see more pictures!! Take care of yourself....

  4. I'm thinking like Kaylene - seems like when we start one thing something else pops up and has to be fixed or managed first! Congrats on all your accomplishments while dealing with this wall!!

  5. Oh my gosh I do hope they finally take care of that tree problem!!

  6. Me too. Those two fences aren't long for this world with those two trees.

  7. Hello, Brenda. I am so happy that management is taking care of the trees. I had to have a tree removed and its not cheap. A few other friends lost huge oaks and that is really expensive! I'm sorry that you've had trouble with your wall. At least it's almost finished. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  8. Hello, Brenda. I am so happy that management is taking care of the trees. I had to have a tree removed and its not cheap. A few other friends lost huge oaks and that is really expensive! I'm sorry that you've had trouble with your wall. At least it's almost finished. Can't wait to see your pictures.

  9. we have a neighbor who owns his house and he has a tree or two growing on his roof, weeds growing, and a hole in his roof and it has been this way for at least 3 winters. Our winters are very rainy. He still isn't getting around to fixing it. I guess he will have to have a room destroyed before it is fixed. If women ruled the world, that roof would have been repaired long ago.

  10. Congrats, Brenda, for accomplishing so much! I was wondering if you had thought about putting trim up at the ceiling.....that way you wouldn't have to be so careful when you paint against it....get as close as you can, but then put painted trim against the ceiling for a straight edge. Maybe the maintenance man would put it up for you, so you wouldn't have to climb on a ladder. Time for you to sit back and relax for a bit!!!!

  11. Brenda be careful! :)

    as to the trees issue it does seem that they left it for a very long time / I recall you posting about this ages ago!

  12. I wonder who it was that finally got the ball rolling with the tree issue. Corporations and absentee landlords I think don't care so much about the inconveniences of their tenants. It's not impacting their lives so just ignore the issue. I'm glad something is finally being done. Will they take down the tree that is--I can't remember what part of your apartment's floor it is threatening--? Maybe you will have to get another gazebo if all your shade is gone next summer.

    Great to hear what you've accomplished on the wall. You definitely deserve a break. Sit down and put that ankle up!

  13. SO happy you have gotten this much done.Know you will be happy to get your living room back to normal. It has been a rough ordeal.
    Hope the tree removal goes well and they get the fence back up for the pupsters.

  14. I'm so happy to see you're almost finished with this awful project. I can only imagine how your body feels from aches and pains..but also the joy in knowing it's almost over!
    That's when you can take a nice soothing bath and relax, like that old commercial
    'Calgon Take Me Away' !
    Good luck with the tree issue..glad to hear they're finally taking care of it.
    That will be another headache checked off your list.

  15. Looking forward to seeing the finished project! Carol


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