Holiday Leftovers & Other Stuff

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 

How many of you had to wear elastic waist pants yesterday due to overeating?

My daughter brought me much of their leftovers because they're traveling out of state. Didn't have to cook yet I have all the leftovers. Yea!

Did any of you notice that I changed the flowers in the jar in my blog header? I was Googling around and found this bouquet free to download.

For some reason it just grabbed my attention and I downloaded it. (It might have had something to do with the fact that it had a red flower in it. And you know how much I love red.)

Then I took this jar graphic...

And it became this...

I'm still on the fence about Christmas decor. So no, I haven't started decorating yet.

One problem is that my glasses are driving me crazy and I can't seem to adjust my eyes to the older pair once the pair I was wearing broke. 

The new ones should come in Monday I'm hoping. 

The other is that I still need to finish painting. Still haven't finished the living room.

And then there's the fact that I purchased more paint for the dining room because I ran out and needed to fill some nail holes. 

And you know what? Apparently I bought a different white than I normally do. It's brighter. Guess I grabbed the wrong one. 

So before I realized it, I went ahead and patched holes and covered them with the new paint, and it looks spotty crazy now. 

So I will have to repaint the dining room. 

Also, when I painted the living room, I used a semi gloss white. 

And now every flaw in the walls (of which there are many) stick out like sore thumbs. I didn't realize that would happen when I painted over the flat white.

I don't like to decorate for the holidays with spots and flaws glaring at me from every wall. So I haven't figured out how much time I want to devote to a painting project I hadn't anticipated before Christmas.

I've been having a lot of Granny Smith apple slices with peanut butter. A good little snack. Do you like apples with peanut butter?

Have you decorated for Christmas yet? If not, when do you plan to start?

I've been seeing Christmas decorating on many blogs before November even began. Personally I just can't go there that early. 


  1. hope you enjoy those leftovers! this year it was just my little family and I was in my jammies ALL DAY. no complaints here!

    1. Laura, that's my kind of day ! JAMMIES.... i didnt get to this year, but a girl can dream! LOL

  2. I also need to paint, but it will probably be after Christmas. I spend Thanksgiving with my parents and sisters so I pulled out my winter dishes Wednesday and put away the fall ones. No black Friday shopping for me, I worked fifteen of them. Enjoy your leftovers, not having to cook if the best.

  3. Brenda,
    I love left over Thanksgiving dinners. We have so much pie too. I like to not have to cook for a few days.
    I am not doing Christmas stuff yet but at the shop I have a few small trees and lights.
    I like your flower and mason jar header. Super cute!

  4. Since you asked Brenda about peanut butter, I just hate it, love peanuts but peanut butter ugh!
    Haven't got out any Christmas decorations and I probably won't, as we don't have any family close so Christmas can't be over quick enough. I would like to hibernate until it is over, if I had a cabin in the woods that would be perfect. At this time of the year of course I think about our son, am tempted to contact and ask if he wants to forget the past and try and start again but then I don't want to be hurt all over again especially when I don't have a clue how this all came about. We only live about a half hours drive away. I am sure I will chicken out.
    Anyway glad you have lots of food Brenda so you don't have to cook, for me its not so much cooking, its what shall I cook? My husband is pretty easy going and not fussy at all so that is a bonus.

  5. I love apples with peanut butter! I will be decorating for Christmas this weekend!


  6. I was looking forward to putting up my little tree and the Santa and reindeer, but for some reason I am feeling lazy right now so I will wait until inspiration strikes. I have had enough thanksgiving to do me for a while, I attended three different celebrations in 3 days, and I am ready to get back to my vegan diet. I seem to have lost my taste for turkey which I thought would never happen. And everything tasted so rich. I look forward to getting back to simple, plant based foods again.

  7. I am all decorated for Christmas. I have always wanted a flocked tree and I found a really cheap one at Walmart that was not pre-lit and actually quite pretty and it was the last one they had. I add so many additional lights anyway so that was not a problem. And since it was flocked I had to buy all new lights with white cords. Well, I had it up and decorated and was quite pleased with it, when all of the lights in the middle went out. I fooled with them for hours to no avail and the tree looked terrible with no lights in the middle so I took it all down and put everything away, thoroughly disgusted with myself for getting into this in the first place. Then my husband said I can't believe you took that down it was so pretty, so I got it out, bought some more new lights and put it back up. I think I have a total of 10 hours in this tree alone, not to mention the tree I have in the kitchen along with lighted garland and wreaths around the house. Now I have lost all of my motivation to decorate outside. This scenario kind of reminds me of some of dilemmas you get into with painting. We will probably never get too old to stop taking on projects of one sort or another. I guess it's just part of the joy??? of loving to decorate! I am so happy for you that your daughter brought you her leftovers and you can at least take a break from cooking. And I can totally relate to your problem with your glasses. Been there, done that!

  8. I have lost 5 or 6 lbs over the days of having a sinus infection and because of the medications I am taking-have no hunger pains anymore, ha, ha!But we had a good Thanksgiving anyway-made a Mexican Fiesta dinner for two of my children and their families, the others had to go to the in-laws. Much better than the turkey and dressing we always have!!Beef enchiladas, Mexican rice, guacamole, chips and salsa and pecan pies. My daughter and daughter-in-law brought chicken enchiladas, re fried beans, pecan pralines, a pumpkin cheeseball, pumpkin cake rolls and pumpkin cake balls.Too many dishes, but delicious. About peanut butter - I LOVE it but have restricted myself to 2 teaspoons a day, on my morning toast, with coffee. Glad you had a good Thanksgiving, Brenda, and good leftovers from your sweet daughter.

  9. A favorite snack or breakfast is bananna with peanut butter or almond butter. I still want to enjoy my fall decorations a little while longer then will slowly decorate for Christmas over a few weeks time. I don't go over board in decorating, mainly my living room.

  10. I do love peanut butter with either apples or bananas. Sometimes I just eat it with raisins mixed in! Love it on raisin cinnamon toast too. No decorating yet. I'll be alone most of December as hubby is house sitting for my sister 70 miles away in snow country. They always seem to go somewhere in December! I would go "visit" him for a few days but usually is too snowy and I hate driving on the highway in snow. So if I'm home alone, I don't even know if I'll put our little faux tree up.. though I do like the twinkly lights. As I've gotten older, and no kids around or no family or friends close by, I just have no motivation to decorate at all. I may clear off my mantel and put a few things up there, and I have a ceramic nativity village I made years ago that I always put up.. and that may be it! Each year, my want-to and motivation gets less and less. Of course, if I had grandkids around, or my son was closer, I would probably do alot more. I did notice your pretty mason jar and flowers and really like it. Have a good weekend.. and don't decorate if you don't want to.. or just put some Christmas decorations over the spotty spots on your walls until after the holidays. :-)

  11. Leftovers from Thanksgiving are practically better than the original meal! I've been eating them today which means waaay too many carbs. I wore jeans yesterday, but most of today I've been in yoga pants. ;-) No, I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet. Not feeling it yet. Waiting until I do. That probably won't be until the calendar rolls around to December. I like celebrating one holiday at a time, anyway.

  12. Hello. I don't eat peanut butter anymore because for some reason it started giving me heartburn. Then I discovered sunflower butter at the grocery store and got a jar of it. I do think I like the taste of it better than peanut butter and it doesn't give me heartburn.

    The previous owners painted the entire interior of the house in a drab khaki shade of semi-gloss paint. At first I disliked the color, but now I dislike the semi-gloss part the most. It does show the imperfections badly. I've only repainted the kitchen and bathroom so far but eventually will repaint everything else.

    I don't put up any Christmas decorations until December. I have a Nov. 27 birthday, and I like it to feel like a November birthday, not a Christmas-y birthday. I usually don't have decorations up until around Dec. 6 (St. Nicholas Day), and leave them up until Jan. 6 (Feast of the Epiphany).

  13. I like celery and peanut butter. I have a few little bits out for Christmas but can't bring myself to bring out the bulk of it just yet.

  14. I absolutely LOVE peanut butter. And I love Granny Smith apples so I must try peanut butter on apple slices. Sounds yummy.

    Love your vase with flowers. The vase and flowers look so vintage.

    We have started decorating for Christmas but have not yet put up the outdoor lights. This will probably happen today. I also have about a dozen tacky pink flamingos in the backyard (they serve as sentries around my pots of flowers (the dogs tend to avoid the guarded pots and do their business elsewhere). I usually move the flamingos to the front walk during Christmas and dress them with hats, mufflers, and bows. I had decided not to do that this year but several neighbors (and their children) have asked about them so I will move them around front this weekend and decorate them. It felt good to know that they provide a bit of Christmas entertainment for the neighborhood.

    Painting the dining room is on my To Do list for January. I do not mind the painting; it is the prep work that creates procrastination on my part. But I know how nice it will look with a fresh coat of paint.

    Hope you have a wonderful day.

  15. I like the graphics on your banner. You're creative to have put the two together like that. Kudos! We will start decorating for Christmas probably tonight after we watch college football (the Iron Bowl). We'll put put the tree and then decide what other decorations we want to display this year.

    I love apples and PB!!! One of my favorite snacks. When I'm out and can't make it home for lunch, I order the protein box from Starbucks because of the apples and almond or peanut butter.

    Enjoy your day!


  16. No Christmas decorating yet. We just had our Thanksgiving on Friday and then I did a big breakfast for my oldest before he left to go back to Missouri. Last thing on my mind right now...this is enjoying the leftovers day for me too :)

  17. No leftovers here. We went to visit family in Pinehurst, NC and I was sick most of the time so I only ate a small plate. On Thanksgiving day I was sleeping by 6:00 pm and woke up at 10:30 am on Friday. Apparently I was worn out. How nice to have lots of scrumptious leftovers and not to have to cook at all.

    I put up my tree already and it is nice to see it lit up when I am home. Don't overwork yourself if you do not feel up to it, you do not want to year yourself out.

    I hope that you have a nice weekend.

  18. Love peanut butter with a bit of jelly on whole grain bread and a big glass of milk. My son discovered PEANUT BUTTER POWDER in the cereal aisle at Walmart! Mix a couple of tablespoons of powder with milk for a quick pick me up...and it is waaaaay less expensive than other 'protein powders' on the market.

  19. In the past, i have decorated over Christmas weekend. Usually have my little tree up by now. My Dad passed away over the summer. I've been "off" ever since then. But i think I will get some of it done. He would want me to keep Christmas going :)

  20. Apples and peanut butter are my favorite snack! I eat it almost daily. I put all of my fall stuff away today and drug out the Christmas stuff...everything but the tree. I have one of those tall, skinny pencil trees that I leave all the lights and decorations on when I store it. I wrap it in plastic and have one of the boys take it downstairs and put it in one corner of my laundry room. I love not having to take it all apart every time. I need to get one of them to bring it up for me and then I'll be done. Everything looks new and festive again in the house.


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