Warm Sunny Days & Almost December

The weekend was nice and sunny. Saturday the air conditioner was on for a time. We're still in that "in-between" weather.

I didn't go out from Wednesday all the way through the weekend. If my glasses come in today, I will go get them.

Some of you have emailed me to say that I can take my current eye glasses to a store to get a new nose piece. 

But that isn't possible for these type glasses. There is no frame, so there is nothing to attach them to.

I'd have to have a whole new bridge piece that holds the two lenses together, because that is what the nose piece is attached to.

This past weekend my ovary was really pressing on my bladder and that drives me crazy. It's also making me nauseous again. I'll call the doctor today. 

If I only get a week or so reprieve with this cyst, I want to know what options I have. I hate feeling like I have to be in the bathroom all the time.

Someone asked me if I really had a UTI last month, or if it was the ovary causing problems. 

The test came back positive the first time I went to the doctor, but came back negative the second time. Which was when they ordered the ultrasound.

The echocardiogram is scheduled for I think the 5th, but I'm waiting to see what my part of the cost will be. 

Christmas is very scaled down at my place. I'm still debating whether I'm putting a tree up or just decorating table tops. 

I think I'll make my decision based on how I'm feeling physically the first part of December. 

I'm thankful I don't have to do what many of you do for holidays. No huge family or stress for me. 

So I can decide based on only what I want and not take anything else into consideration. I know many of you love the bustling holiday activity. But I don't. I like it calm and quiet.

I did all the bustle and activity when my kids were young. Now I consider myself retired from all that! 

I did a lot of reading over the weekend. Finished one book, and all but read most of  "The Mistake" Saturday evening. I lay in bed with a hot pad on my lower tummy and read till I get sleepy.

I got a notice that management will be coming in during this week to check and see if we have kitchen and bathroom electrical GFCI outlets. 

I've actually forgotten what that looks like. But my outlets look normal, so guess I'll have to have them. I'm dreading it. I don't feel like having anyone in here.

What's going on at your house this week? 


  1. I donate my old glasses. Most optical places will collect them and give them to the Lion's Club, which gives them to people in poor countries who otherwise (if they are as near-sighted as me) would be pretty much handicapped.

  2. Hi Brenda, I hope your glasses come in today. We have scaled back Christmas decorating too. Very simple around here!
    Here in Canada GFCI outlets have a little white button below each socket (?) that says RESET. They definitely are safer for bathrooms and kitchens.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Hope you soon feel better Brenda. Enjoy your warm days...it is windy and very cold here in my bit of the UK. xox

  4. GFI outlets are code in many areas that are near a water supply.
    Good lụck with the glasses and the tummy.
    I always say no decorating and wind up putting a tree up,I get caught up in the festivities!

  5. Hello Brenda. I was thinking...if the cyst pressed on you bladder and prevented it from draining completely, that could cause a UTI. And if you have to pay, send them a dab every month. Just get the help you need. I pray you are better soon. BTW the table runner is DARLING and brought back memories of my Mamaw.

  6. Late this summer I was having symptoms of an ovarian cyst I have had an ovarian cyst for about 7 years. 7 years ago it was about the size of a small orange. At that time I was cleared by an oncologist gyno to take a wait and see approach with that cyst, because it was a simple fluid filled cyst. When I started having pain in the area of that cyst this summer, I was really scared. It hadn't caused me pain in the past and had been found during an exam for something else. I ended up back at the oncologist gynecologist really scared at what the heck was going on with that cyst that it suddenly started hurting/aching like that. After two types of imaging, it turned out the cyst had actually shrunk to a much smaller size. The onco-gyno doctor said it wasn't cancerous and he thought that what may have been causing me pain was the possibility of diverticulitis instead. As soon as he mentioned that, I realized that I had greatly increased my consumption of pecans and walnuts, to where I was eating them at least twice a day. I asked him if that could cause the diverticulitis, he said it could. I haven't eaten any type of nut since he mentioned that. About two days after stopping all nuts, I quit having the aching pain. I still need to have a colonoscopy done in the next few months, but I think in my case it was the nuts.

    I hope that you will be feeling better very soon.

  7. I did my decorating early, because I don't like hustle and bustle either. Now I can just enjoy it. We have scaled back our Christmas Eve gathering to soup and appetizers(and dessert, of course!) and there is much less gift-giving, too. Everyone just wanted to have a less-crazy time.
    Hope you are feeling better soon, Brenda!

  8. So sorry that you are having such a time with your health right now. Hope you were able to get your new glasses today. The eyeglasses dilemma alone would've made me a bit crazy!

    As usual, your photographs are beautiful.

  9. I am pretty well done with all I am going to do for decorating. I may do a bit of baking but will do it at my daughter's house this year. It is a strange year of transition for me--next year will be in a whole new place and a whole new life change.

    I hope your glasses come in and that they are okay and I am praying that you feel better physically very soon. xo Diana

  10. Hope you get a reprieve and feel better Brenda. That's aweful. Everything is scaled down in my little corner of the world too. Don't like hustle and bustle either. the car broke this weekend so i can't wait to get it back from the shop. Hugs to you and pups ox.

  11. Our apartment complex is for sale. We have had a constant schedule of inspections for the last three months. Plumbing inspections, mold inspections, electrical inspections, pest inspections. Unfortunately, lots of problems were found and after maintenance orders fulfilled, more inspections. They complained the water bill had tripled and they needed to inspect for leaks last week. Odd, there are 5 empty apartments in a complex of only 22. (the whole complex is on one meter) Well, lots of strangers traipsing through our apartment, dogs barking (I have four little ones),lots of cleaning. Even if it is pristine I worry that something will be out of order or not smell right or look too cluttered. Paranoid much? LOL I hope you are feeling better soon and still enjoying your patio garden as winter sneaks in. Take care Brenda. Sandra PS I'm 71. Medicare doesn't pay for vision or dental. I've been wearing the same glasses for 10 years. They are so scratched I feel like I'm in a constant fog. They are frameless and fold in half when I take them off.

  12. Advil helps the cyst pain and pressure - and heat. Are you familiar with Thermacare heat patches you can find at the grocery store usually or pharmacy? They also help a lot.

    My mom no longer puts up a tree. She decorates around the house and puts lights on a big plant she has in the corner of her living room, has a few poinsettas out and it looks really festive without a lot of work. I know with your creative touch you would have no trouble doing that without having to make a big project out of it.

  13. I don't like having workmen in my house either. I feel like my space has been invaded. That cyst pain is no joke. Hoping you get that cleared up soon. I also get nausea with pain. It's so annoying!

  14. I agree with you about the workmen in the house, I do not like it either. I hope that you feel better soon.


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